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    How will you differentiate woman's Horlicks vs ordinary Horlicks?

    As we generally see in cloth wearing there is a difference between male gender vs female gender but in modern days that is also become almost common for both genders. As Companies always differentiate in food items in Gender wise and as well as age wise like women's Horlicks, Children Horlicks and Ordinary Horlicks. How will the company differentiate women's Horlicks, Men's Horlicks, Children Horlicks? Knowledgeable members, Please respond to this question.
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    Interesting question.

    I think the nutrients in the different variants of Horlicks vary. Women's Horlicks will have nutrients that are more suitable for women's needs. Kid's Horlicks has more calcium and vitamins and minerals needed for growth. The proportion of the nutrition in each type of Horlicks is different. There is a difference in the taste as well. Horlicks meant for children is available in flavours that kids prefer.

    It is all a marketing gimmick. I think a healthy diet can provide better nutrients than any supplement. The problem is we do not eat a balanced diet, especially kids, who are generally picky eaters.

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    Well companies have been exploiting the women for their marketing success and by introducing one concept or the other they win over the women folks. They know women are the back bone of any family and they too toil the whole day. In many homes women take pride to cook, clean the whole house, clean the utensils and finally wash the clothes. All these works are routing and for every day without any break. Naturally they need the strength and energy to cope up with the work on daily basis. Bone strength is required for them and especially the vertebral column should be strong enough. So the women's horlicks provide those ingredients and thus every house hold must take healthier drink at least for two times a day so that they can sustain the work load and complete the same without any fatigue.
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    Earlier, there was only one horlicks. People prefered this horlicks as a supplementary food item. As many other food items entered into the market, the sale of horlick decreased. To make good the horlicks sale, the company adopted this method of gender based food with a different taste as men horlicks, women horlicks, Junior Horlicks I/2/3 etc. It is only a marketing tactics, nothing much to differentiate.
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    Yes, I too feel it is a marketing gimmick only. As said by Mr.Sun, only one type of horlicks was available in the market as a food supplement. People used to prefer this. Slowly many other food supplements had come in to market. Market was less and heavy competition. So they have gone for different types of horlicks. Only one horlicks bottle for the whole family in earlier days.. But now at least one family has to purchase minimum two bottles . Inventory in the house will be high.

    There is another item I have seen. One is "Fair and lovely" for women. "Fair and handsome' for gents. I fail to understand the difference, except marketing gimmicks.

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