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    Which Board wil you prefer for your children State Board or CBSE and why?

    There are different educational board in India. Like State Board, CBSE, ICSI etc. The syllabus of these boards are almost 90% same but there is a difference in exam pattern. Generally two main system prevail in India State Board and CBSE.
    Please share your opinion in this thread which system will you prefer for your children and why?
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    What I strongly feel that those who are settled in a state with own house, they prefer their children to be in such a school and college where in state board education is taught and that would be beneficial for more reasons. For example though I am Tamilian and settled in Hyderabad , Telangana since 1955 and I was born brought up, nurtured and even my children born , brought up and studied here, I feel state board education is better as we are concerned with state progress and we need to know it fully. Moreover for every benefit the state extends, it does verify the educational status of every citizen and then given the sops.
    K Mohan
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    I prefer CBSE over other boards because it provides the perfect foundation needed for various competitive exams that most kids appear in.

    Apart from the examination pattern, I think the CBSE syllabus is better than other boards. The teaching methodology followed in CBSE schools is superior to other boards. The focus is more on an understanding of basics and the application of the same. The CBSE pattern of education makes students apply their brains - they have to think instead of just memorise. State board pattern generally focuses on mugging. Students are not taught to apply their knowledge in different situations. It is more a learning by rote. Which doesn't really help students.

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    I agree with Mr.Mohan. Generally Government employees who will get transfers from time to time to various places in the country will prefer CBSE. They can admit their children easily in the kendriya vidyalayas.

    People settled in a state and state government employees in a particular state may prefer state syllabus

    Ms.Juana may be correct in her opinion. But my experience differs. Even in state syllabus all the chapters told in CBSE are covered. There are very good schools where they teach high quality subject and offer state syllabus.

    Students in +2 have to take more stress than inter students. But once they come out of the school, it makes no difference.

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    Anything will do as long as the individual has the zeal to learn. State syllabus is so conventional and there is no scope for competition. Central syllabus is very fascinating yet the percentage decreases.
    Percentage or knowledge? None of the syllabuses provide them both. It is all about you.
    There are flaws and advantages in every system. Neither of them is perfect. I don't care about syllabus, but the reputation and the faculty of the school. Schools which encourage all round development like Central syllabus but also provides a strict and conventional environment like that of state. Unfortunately, there exists no such school yet.

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    I studied in a CBSE school (am a product of Kendriya Vidyalaya), had been a teacher in a CBSE affiliated EM school (presently an ISC editor and a blogger). My daughter too is studying in a CBSE affiliated EM school. So, I'm very much used to CBSE syllabus.

    But what I came to know from the people / parents in my circle is that the state syllabus (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana board) Maths is much better than CBSE maths. I don't know about the maths syllabus / standard of the boards of other states.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Kalyani thanks for supporting the Telangana syllabus which has the in depth imparting of knowledge as what has happened in the past in the state with so much details. I fear such details wont be available with the CBSE syllabus which is more Delhi centric and North centric.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    I would say it is better to keep their children in CBSE board if they frequently relocate and are expected to relocated in metropolitan or semi-metropolitan cities. If you go any village side you only have option of state board. There are no other option. Even though CBSE is getting popular and has well structured syllabus, it lacks native regional touch. You will never know regional saints , history and culture which is very important. Still for better growth CBSE is good choice if you have it possible.
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