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    Is it better to take a walk before or after eating?

    I have been reading about the benefits of taking a walk after eating but there is information too that this is a misconception, that, in fact, it is better to go for a walk first and then eat.

    I am not posting this thread in the Ask Expert section as I would like to have a general discussion on it - do you walk before or after eating? Some people take a walk in the morning before or after breakfast, while others prefer late evening walks or post-dinner night walks.

    I would like to know fellow members opinions, if they have had first-hand advice from Physicians about the better option - walk before eating or walk after eating. I am seriously asking about this as would like to begin a walking regime in the evenings after about 7p.m. & want to know if it is OK to have a fruit at least before I take a walk and then return to have dinner?

    Also, Orthopaedics have advised not to take too brisk a walk as this wears down the knee cartilage. Do you do fast pace walking?
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    I have a first hand information about this from two doctors, whom I regularly meet. Both of them suggested to take a walk in the early morning before breakfast. They advised me to go for a normal walk. No brisk walk. On an average one hour normal walk in a day they have suggested.
    Another alternative they have suggested is to go for a walk in the evening before evening bath and dinner. Then they advised me to just have a walk in the house only for 10 minutes after dinner. The important advice given to me by them is dinner should be finished at least 90 minutes before sleep.

    General opinion is also that a walk before you eat is a better choice. Early morning between 5AM and 6AM if we have a walk, we will get fresh air and mind will be very active.

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    I am dead against this walking trend. Do children go for a walk? No. They play at home. Do the youths go for a walk? No.They play in the field. Do the newly married go for a walk? No. No time to spare. Do the middle aged go for a walk? No. They are busy with their home affairs. Then who walks in the morning and evening. Only the people with belly pots are found walking in the morning and evening to reduce their belly size. Else someone walks for show off. Some patients suffering from diabetics as directed by the diabetologists. Some old and retired. Who else?

    What is suggested by me is - All should do a simple 10 minute physical exercise immediately after getting up from the bed by little jumping, little bending forward and rear, by little sitting and raising and rotation of heads and hands. No need to go for a brisk walk and waste time outside our house. The reason to go out in the morning is to take fresh and cool air from the nature. That freshens our mind.

    As it is, we are taking enough walk at home and in the offices. That's sufficient. When a person returns home, he feels tired. That's enough a good exercise he had in his office or work place. I don't recommend any evening walk too. Reserve the evening for self and family entertainment. Of course, after the dinner, just go for a simple walk for the food to get digested easily.

    A walk before the breakfast or lunch or dinner is a wasteful exercise. Such a pre-breakfast and pre-dinner walk is recommended for people who are weak and wish to increase their weight. This pre-walk creates appetite and makes the person to consume more food, thus an increase in weight.

    You may agree or disagree.

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    You know what? Do both. Walk before eating and also after eating. Before eating will awaken your appetite and after eating walk will help you digest. I've read multiple articles suggesting to do as, and I myself have tried it.
    I can't say I'm a healthy youngster, but I sure am not sick. Well ,eat a heavy breakfast too. People usually skip their breakfast or eat too little. This would weaken them and make them look thin. Not in a good way.
    Walk for 10 minutes before having your breakfast. Relax for 5 minutes after you have eaten. Now hit the road again for another 10 minutes. This surely must exhilarate you, but lunch must fill you up for the rest of the day. Moreover you will feel active the whole day. And barely eat a dinner or eat less.

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    I think that during morning, we must take brisk walk before taking breakfast. This is required to have fresh air in our lungs. On the other hand, a leisurely walk after dinner is necessary for digesting the food.
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    So far to my knowledge / understanding, a morning / evening walk before eating is advisable to maintain fitness of the body and to burn calories in case of diabetic people. These walks are brisk. While an after dinner night walk is also good from digestion point of view. But this night walk shouldn't be a brisk one but it should be a slow one.
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    Walking is normally good and better if that is done during early hours such as between 5 to 7 am when gentle breeze would cheer up your day and you will walk some further steps than routine. During walking never engage yourself with FM radio listening, cell phone talking or listening to music. By doing so your concentration to walk in one speed would go. Without any disturbance , if a walk was completed , surely one would feel like having something to drink and that time morning beverages can be tried. So what I am opining is the fact that walking before eating is good. By having undertaken a walking, surely after one hour you will feel like relaxing and eating and at that time a good break fast item can be considered and not a meal. Some people have the habit of having meal itself in the morning.
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    In my opinion walking after dinner is necessary as it will help you to digest your food. In my town most of the people go to walk after dinner.
    Some people who want to loss weight generally go to walk at evening.

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    Walking Before Meals: Applicable generally only for the early morning walk. Otherwise it is not advised except for some specific cases if any, like some hospital in patients undergoing treatment. That morning walk is advised because the body and mind would be fresh after a night's sleep and rest. The weather will be relatively conducive and the perspiration coming out wil be only due to burning of calories. Such a morning walk can be at a pace faster than the normal walking for some errands or leisure walking. Elder people need not take strain unnecessarily, but others can take a brisk walk. This regular walk is beneficial for maintaining health, reducing weight and maintaining sugar levels.

    Walking After Meals: As a walking programme this is advisable only in evenings and night after taking diner. This should be only a leisure walking preferably with chatting with friends or family members. This walking is beneficial for general relaxation, proper sleep and good digestion and relief from stomach problems. This also is beneficial for those who are prone to have higher sugar level in the fasting test. This type of walking is observed as a regular habit by people in places where the day, afternoon and early evenings are much warm.

    Those who are prone to have higher sugar levels after meals, and have sedentary life styles can have a little walk-rather small movements- or up and down pace inside their home or office after every meal intake.

    Brisk walk after a full stomach is advised against, as this can cause strains and some other discomforts inside. Any walk immediately after a meal should be only a leisurely movement only
    Walking in general is preferred and suggested than having a sedentary and lazy routine.

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    I do not know which is good for health. But if walking is made after eating, it should not misunderstand by the house persons that the meals are prepared poor.
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    One boy asked his friend to take lunch in his house along with him. the friend at dining table told the boy to pray God before starting to eat, as it was the practice in his house. The boy replied,'do not bother, my mother cooks well'.

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    So, we can conclude that the morning walk should be done at brisk pace before taking the breakfast. And the night-walk must be done at leisurely pace after dinner.Brisk walk after a meal causes various problems.
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    Why should we take a walk before breakfast? A simple morning walk is to refresh our mind with the cool and fresh air, and it should not be a pre breakfast walk.Why because, after the breakfast, we have lot of activities as we go for work after the breakfast. Our work is sufficient to get our breakfast digested. Same is the case after the lunch. A walk is not essential as the office work suffices. We can have an evening walk provided we have time for walk to feel the freshness of the evening.. A pre dinner walk is not required, but a post dinner walk is essential to get our food digested as there will be no work after the dinner for the food to get digested.
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    In a restaurant(Udupi Shri Krishna, if my memory is right) near Matunga railway station in Mumbai, I used to see some interesting sentences and quotes painted on the side wall of stair case and on the hotel walls.

    One of them was " After lunch rest a while, after dinner walk a mile".

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    It is said that one should have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince (I think common man) and dinner like a pauper.

    Accordingly, pre-breakfast morning walk is essential and post-dinner walk is not really essential. But if you dine like a king, a post-dinner walk is a must. And if you skip your breakfast (not a healthy practice), then there is no necessity to go for a pre-breakfast morning walk.

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