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    Who are the ISCians that otherwise run their separate blogs too, outside ISC?

    Namastey ISCians,

    Because many members of IndiaStudyChannel are great writers, I just had this thought to know if they also maintain a blog of their own outside ISC.

    If no, What do you think about this idea?

    If yes, What exactly do you blog about? How did you get the idea of having a blog?
    And most especially, how has ISC helped you, directly or indirectly, to be better at it?

    Special Request- Please do not spam. You are invited to share your story and opinions on blogging. And please prefer to share the names of the blog instead of putting clickable links, so that it may not go against any of the ISC's rules or SEO.
    (If your blog is at '', you should just share that you have a blog named 'Mad Bull')

    Come on. Let's be frank and share a word or two about our blogs and opinions about blogging.
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    I have been with ISC and the sister sites since 2009 and still continuing. Writing to this site has become habit and regular and thus I wont have time to find even in social media. I am not having a blog of my own. Many have advised to maintain one, but I feel ISC itself a big platform and I am maintaining my lead position in this site in forum section and that makes me suffice. But tell me frankly what are the uses of blogging, and what benefits one can derive from blogging. Is there in compulsory to register our blog address with any authority or the contents what we write is governed by web rules ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    I have created two blogs but almost neutral. I also do not have traffic there. I just give link to my ISC articles. But now I have google adsense approval so I am seriously thinking to post some good qualitative articles in my blog so get I get traffic there.
    But I want to say ISC is the biggest platform if you want to earn some money and to share your knowledge. Only within some 40 days here (after a long gap) I am able to get adsense approval. My name appears in article super star, I was selected as star of the week. So I am very much happy here. If i will get time then I will try to post some article at my blog also. But can't say when since no traffic there and I do not have a good knowledge of maintaining blogs.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    I created my own blog. I created it when ISC rejected one of my good article saying it was a copied article. To me, it was not a copied article but from a very old book and is not available anywhere in the net. Having disappointed, I created my own blog and posted there. As of now, the article has 50000 + page views. If it was accepted by ISC then, it could have fetched me a good adsense revenue for self and ISC. I am not active with my blog.
    No life without Sun

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    It was interesting to know a thing or two on blogs from three different individuals. I agree with Mohan sir that if blogging is all about getting satisfaction, readers and a pinch of other benefits, it is possible on ISC as well. He is one of the well-known faces of ISC and may not require a separate blog site for information-sharing. Same goes for the Sun of ISC. There are many Suns in the Space, but the one that is near and dear to us is the Sun of ISC. I am a fan of @Sun and the way he hits the right spot at right time and it is always a bull's eye. He did the right thing to still make his article available on the Internet.

    Here is my version -

    In my case, I was introduced to blogs several years ago while browsing some random stuff. As the time passed, I also created a blog, made a few posts and forgot. A few months later, I created another blog out of curiosity, wrote a few posts and forgot. I was not getting anywhere. Later on, I created more blogs on whatever I was interested in, yet again. It was then when I learned a thing or two about SEO. To be honest, I knew only two things: 1) I should include a few keywords that I myself use on the search engine, and 2) The related keywords at the bottom of SERP's should be utilized.

    Basically, I knew nothing, so I made a blog on anything I could think about. At present, I am active with none. But some of these blogs surely fetch decent traffic. They usually get around thousands to a million views every month. Rest of them are 'embarrassing flop', to say the least.

    I also got my AdSense approved from ISC. (Thank you, ISC).It is only recently that I crossed my first minimum threshold there. However, I hardly use it to monetize my old blogs, fearing if that may harm, or say if Google would ban my AdSense account. My content never used to be systematic on old blogs. It would be embarrassing to admit I owned those blogs and shared things like a pro (which I think I am not, that's why discontinued). It feels amazing to see them still getting good traffic, more than expected.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    Never feel embarrassed about something you ventured into. Never feel dejected at knowing nothing. Everyone starts something knowing nothing; everyone starts learning one step at a time.

    My venture into blogs started because of ISC - there was a program here wherein we were encouraged to (a) write about ISC at our blog and (b) promote ISC by giving links to a relevant page when answering a query at other forum based / Q&A sites (such as Yahoo answers). That is why I started a blog.

    Like you, for my first blog, I simply put a mishmash of topics, with no proper definite niche. Yet, amazingly, it turned out to be getting some traffic. Gradually, I got so thrilled just to see the visitors from all over the world (I put the free Feedjit traffic feature at all my blogs for this) that I got excited. As it is, I do so love writing. So I fell head over heels in love with blogging. I did not care a jot about the earnings frankly and even today am barely getting a few cents collectively from my various blogs, but they are all close to my heart, like family members, so I do continue to post at most of them once in a while. Only the first two which I started - one a general one & one on India travels - are not getting my attention, but still getting good views.

    K Mohan asks "But tell me frankly what are the uses of blogging, and what benefits one can derive from blogging. Is there in compulsory to register our blog address with any authority or the contents what we write is governed by web rules ?"
    (1) The benefits of blogging is that you can use it as a platform to try out your writing skills + you can promote your ISC articles via your blog + if you spend regular time on it and it is a niche blog, you can generate good AdSense earnings too. Other than that, it gives you an adrenaline rush to, well, just nurture your blog & see people visiting, some of them even posting comments about how they liked your blog. I cannot quite explain the feeling one gets - one has to start blogging to understand what I say.

    (2) is a free product offered by Google (don't we all love free things!!) No fees at all. Simply start your own blog. There are very user-friendly features, including any template you wish. Start here:

    One of my blogs I converted into a .com website through GoDaddy, which has very nominal annual fees. I have taken the help and advice of many ISCians for my blogs either through queries posted in the Ask Expert section or via the forum or direct email communication. I would advise other fellow ISCians who have ventured into blogging to do the same - take full advantage of all that you can learn through ISC.

    On a major basis, though, it has been a self-learning experience, delighting in discovering something new, such as creating a table in my blog or attaching a small video clip.

    There is the cliched list of "Top 100 things to do before you die". Well, I would advise everyone to try blogging at least once in their life. Honestly, if you genuinely do like writing, you will have a whale of a time!

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    I have a blog. But there are no much articles are there on that. I have posted 2 or 3 articles only. This I have started very recently. Still I am thinking how to get more traffic to my blog. I have G+ account also.
    always confident

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