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    Can you speak your mother tongue for a day without mixing English words?

    We could chase the British out from India, but we could not chase their English which has a strong foot-hold in our land. Each and every sentence we speak or write has some English in it. No one speaks or write in their pure mother tongue.

    Members, How good are you in speaking your mother tongue without mixing English? Let us have a detailed discussion about mixing English words and phrases in our day to day communication.
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    Though we mostly speak Telugu at home, there are certain words like time, wait, breakfast / tiffin, tomato that have either no substitute words in Telugu or difficult to use in Telugu.

    For e.g, we say 'time enta' instead of 'samayam enta' . So also we don't say 'nakosam kachuko' but we say 'nakosam wait cheyi'. I suppose the Telugu word 'kachuko' is used in a different context. I think inviting for a challenge, this word is used.

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    This is a very good and critical thread by the author highlighting the effect of English on our mother tongue. It is very true that we use so many English word in our mother tongue that it is practically not possible to pass even a day without these words. There is another side of coin too. Today English vocabulary is one of the biggest one because they have absorbed lot of words from other languages. Similarly the English word we are using in our mother tongue are actually now our own words. This is how a language evolves and becomes rich. We should not feel any shame in that. In fact this pattern is common to all languages. It has happened in past and is a continuing process.
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    Certainly not possible to talk only mother tongue without mixing a single English word for the whole day. First of all we have not habituated our children to speak fluent mother tongue from the childhood and we have trained them to use easy English words in between to convey the meaning rightly. I doubt no one can succeed in the process as the elders at the home does not know the full alternate word that are being talked in the house and thus we are forced to use the English word here or there. Nevertheless the author thrown a challenge and let me try with my children and get back again.
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    I don't thing such a mixing up of Englsh - language is seen only in Telgu but words of Englsh have penetrated almost in all the languages we use in India. Apparently. two things may happen because of such distortions- firstly the young generations want to upgrade their languages by mixing the same with English or they are not aware of the appropriate words applicable in the related Language which they are following. No concern is being shown by the scholars of local - languages for the dilutions of the standard by the youngsters.
    We should try to maintain the originality of the languages so that even in the coming future, glory of the language remains in tact.

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    Yes, Sheo Shankar, English words are used in almost every regional language of India.
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    Thank you for sharing with my feelings. My best wishes are with you.

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    Although I have no problem in speaking my mother-language, i.e., Bengali, but it is simply not possible to speak without using English words. As for example, we always use English words like chair, table, cup, phone, etc. I think these words have entered in every Indian language. If we speak any Indian language substituting these English words (as indicated above), people will laugh at us.
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    Definitely no. English has become a language of necessity in today's world due to globalisation. The world has shrunk into a small village and definitely one has to interact with different people so need of a language which could be recognized worldwide arose and surely nothing better than English.
    English because Britishers had their presence across the globe so English as a language had its base all over the world so it became the language of communication throughout the world. We can also call it language of professionals.
    Now a language which we use professionally throughout the day will definitely be present in our sub-concious mind always and it will be difficult for us to speak our mother tongue without mixing English. All the more there are many words of English language which have been accepted by Hindi language.

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    Situation is new generation when goes to town side they don't understand pure regional words. Few decades and there will be only verbal knowledge of language. In writing all regional language will vanish. Struggle of regional language nowadays starts from lower KG itself when kids have given more preference to learn English than other languages. It is so sad to know and yet people feel proud when they speak in English. I hope situation changes and people understand regional language importance.
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    Well, I posted a thread recently about injecting English words into our vernacular. I had not seen this thread at that point in time. I remember a situation in a novel (fiction) where a mother (US) admonish her son for making fun of a foreign student in his class speaking with a funny accent. Her advice was that if a person speaks with an accent it means that the person knows more that one language and that is one more than the son. Knowing more languages than your own and the ability to write or converse in them is a virtue and not a sin.
    Speaking about speaking in one's mother tongue without mixing in English or other languages, it will be impossible to do so. (Indians do borrow a lot from other regional languages especially in border areas) There are certain words that needed to imported with the advent of science. And those words do not have convenient translations in most of our Indian languages.
    Above all, language is only a medium to communicate. If the listener is able to understand what the speaker wants to convey then that speech whether mixed or pure is successful in its purpose.

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    English has certainly became necessary in our country. The glory of our own language Hindi is lost. I took my schooling education in mother tongue only. But, I can read, write and speak English as well as any convent school students. Yes, it took me a while to learn initially; especially when I went to college. However, this has not gone into my head completely. I speak in my mother tongue with my family members and friends. I try not to use English words when at home. Though it becomes difficult to completely avoid English, I try my best not to use them. I speak in English only when it is required.
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    By default and in our ordinary form, we cannot prevent other languages coming and mixing in our day to day conversations. In writing we can proceed in one language and avoid other known languages mixing.

    Similarly when we make very conscious efforts we can avoid mixing other language words.

    But otherwise when we have learned or know more than one language say mother tongue and English, and use them frequently in our daily lives, then it is just a natural sequence that both languages get mixed as if a single language. We ourselves will not be knowing that we are using two different languages.

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    Speaking mother tounge without using English words might be difficult these days. Many of the English words have been accepted as such by most of the Indian languages. In Malayalam, which is my mother tongue, several English words are used as own words. Even uneducated, illiterate people use such words in their regular conversation. For example 'bench' has no exact word in Malayalam. 'Bus' is another example. There are several such
    words. Perhaps these have come to India during the British regime. Such materials or gadgets were brought by them which were in a sense foreign. Hence we had to use foreign words. Continuous use transformed them as local.

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    Seriously a great article to write.
    As English is the language spoken through the world not only for indians many Countries around the world .
    As in India we speak in Hindi commonly (my mother tongue too) in every state, there are lots of words that are used as own. And it is done because people listen that specific word in english mostly in their day to day life.
    Best example -Apple ??
    If you take a visit to your nearest fruit store and observe it for couple of hours you will find lots of people with different mother tongue calling it apple.
    As I speak in hindi the truth is that you would never heard anyone calling it "seb".
    Like apple there are many words that are been mixed and accepted also . Like
    TV - doordarshan,
    Ex. Neeraj TV chalu kar.
    They won't say "neeraj doordarshan chalu ker" .
    Towel - tauliya ,
    Sorry - maafI,
    But there are lots of words which were never been converted from English to Hindi & not only Hindi nor in any other languages also.
    For e.x.-
    Mobile Phone,
    Washing machine,
    Screw ,
    Nut bolt ,
    and lots Of more words. They were accepted directly as they were

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    No, it is difficult to talk without English words.My mother tongue is Telugu. It is more difficult to talk without the English words.
    In Telugu the words of English are mixed with the Telugu and then it is difficult to talk without the English words. I am try to talk without the English words then it is not working.

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    Members, It is possible and not impossible to speak our own language without mixing any English, especially Tamil. I have observed Dr. Kalaignar M Karunanidhi, the former Chief Minister of TN speaking/writing Tamil without mixing the English. I really wonder his speech and writings. He has the Tamil words for each and every English word.

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