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    How much will we ignore and be bystander?

    Now-a-days a common scene on the News Channel appears that a criminal is doing his crime and the victim is being oppressed before the public and no one of the public is helping the victim but making videos to show to their friends or relatives through social media, sometimes even the police do not take any action. Have you observed such type of thing?
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    Yes it is very pathetic to see some people remain as bystander and starts video shooting of horrific incidents happening in front of eyes and wont prefer to help the victim nor call the ambulance. The preference of people have been changed. They feel that if they shoot such natural trauma of humans sufferings and hoist in the social media it will shared and liked. But they never understood the fact it is a crime to shoot such happenings and being a fellow human being, if help is not rendered then that is equivalent to abetting the crime. The other day I was watching a video of ragging by some students who literally giving anxious moments to a birthday boy by harassing him in so many ways and all has been video shot. By seeing that video the parents lodged complaint with the police and they have arrested the students.
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    I think that this sort of attitude has developed over the years. The main reasons behin such attitude are:-
    (i) Over the years, people in urban areas have become very selfish. The don't bother about others except themselves. Social bonding are being destroed very rapidly.
    (ii) The second reason behind this apathetic attitude is fear of harrassment by police. Indian Police are not properly trained and they almost treat the complainant like a criminal. So people don't bother to report or intervene in case of a crime.
    (iii) People have become publicity-conscious. They don't think to check the crime. Instead, they try to capture a ghastly video, upload in a social site and hope that the video would become viral. In this process. they want some fame. Who bothers about a crime or criminal?

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    Most of us are selfish with selfie in hand. We do not respect others. We have become heartless and merciless human beings. We celebrate others sorrows.
    Further, it is the fear. If at all we want to help others, the law enforcement authorities are not helpful to us. They harass the men who are gentle and helpful. Despite many directives by the government that the person helping a victim should not be harassed, they harass them excessively.

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    This situation mainly prevails in urban areas. Everybody is in a hurry and they don't care about the happenings in the public as they have to attend their work. May be selfishness.

    Some people are not having an sympathy to the victims. They want to grab the incident on their mobile and share in social media.They exaggerate the issue and never mention what they have done.

    Some people are interested in helping the victim but with a fear of police, they never go near. If somebody go and help the victim, police will start questioning that person first. They may ask him to police station and court many times in connection with this issue.

    Add to the above, all electronic media people come there and start shooting. They shoot many questions to the viewers and try to exaggerate the issue and telecast on their channel. But they never try helping the victim.

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