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    Let us learn English words systematically in a easy way through ISC and enhance our vocabulary.

    The thread I created to learn and enhance our English vocabulary has been very encouraging with good participation of members. I have devised a method to improve our English vocabulary in a systematic manner.

    It is to learn step by step. There are strong alphabets and weak alphabets. What I mean is - The words starting with an alphabet having numerous words are considered as strong alphabets, and the words starting with an alphabet having very few words are the weak alphabets. For e.g. the alphabets A B C D M N R S T etc are the strong, and the alphabets J O Q X Y Z are the weak alphabets.

    We should first learn all the weak alphabets and ensure that we are master of the weak alphabets. There after start learning the words of other strong alphabets systematically.

    To start with - I will be creating these threads in separate parts, naming the part by the words starting with that alphabet that we will be learning in that thread.
    Let us enhance our English vocabulary - Alphabet Z
    Let us enhance our English vocabulary - Alphabet Y

    Members will follow the same procedure followed in the thread "Let us learn and enhance our English vocabulary. Members will choose and post only the words commencing with the alphabet indicated in the thread.

    I invite your comments, please.
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    Dear all,
    I do not expect members to start with their learning in this thread as suggested by Mr. Saji in my previous thread in a hurry . This thread is only to know your opinion, interest and comments. Kindly post your comments only. The learning will begin with new threads titled " Let us enhance our English vocabulary - Alphabet.....

    @ The editor is always in a hurry to lock the threads without reading the thread message. He could have waited to lock my previous thread after I open up my new thread as explained by me.

    I humbly request the editor to unlock my previous thread.

    Kindly wait for my new thread. Until then, continue your learning in my previous thread until it becomes older by 10 days.

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    When you say weak alphabets, you mean that there aren't many words starting with these letters?
    Well all these weak alphabets were added later in the modern English. I think that might be the reason behind.
    Nevertheless I'd love to improve my vocabulary because I write poems and stuff.
    That would help a great deal.

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