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    When we tear down her to bits and pieces and still not satisfied

    [This thread is the winner of the special prize for the April 2017 topic based TOW contest]

    Human nature is to achieve something which is highly impossible and in order to achieve dominance we have tore down mother earth into bits and pieces. Trees replaced with roads and concrete jungles. Air and water replaced with transportation planes and boats. Earth core is daily losing minerals. Sea life losing their habitat and dying. This is all that happened in past few centuries. Still yet more to come and ongoing nuclear tests, daily news of wars , dropping bombs. Now mother earth is shattered into bits and pieces still humans continuing their desires. Not much but few countries learned to start nurturing trees and saving water. They felt heat of having no trees and water.
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    Kudos to the author for initiating a impressive heading connected to the Tow topic and I am also with the author that by tearing down the mother earth to bits and pieces, we the human being are still not satisfied and search for our permanent habitat. Water bodies which were earlier created for every town and village to be a drinking water source has been slowly encroached by land mafia and thus water bodies have vanished. The agricultural fields out skirts of cities and towns are vanishing giving way to the housing schemes. The trees are cut in the forest to cater to the needs of housing requirements of doors and windows. Thus we are digging our own grave and what is astonishing that there is no plan for replacing the cut trees and destroying the mother earn from any one. However I shall complement Telangana government for concentrating on Harita Haram ie green necklace in every town and city.
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    A beautiful and emotional appeal to save Mother Earth! I am deeply impressed by the writing prowess of the author. This type of emotional appeal forces people to think twice about environmental protection and work in a positive direction. Really good!
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    A good presentation. Really we are all making this mother earth to suffer a lot. The umbrella protection given to her by Ozone layer is getting diminished. The life giving trees are being eliminated to construct roads and widening of roads. The cities and towns are getting converted to concrete forests and real forests are disappearing. The earth is getting cut into bits and pieces.

    In the pursuits of enjoyment and happiness human beings are contaminating pure air with different types of poisonous gases. Underground water levels are diminishing. Water tanks are going down. Good cultivation lands are being used for house construction. The earth is having lot of patience. We are testing it. One day or other, earth will lose its patient. Be proactive. Protect the mother earth.

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