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    While studying do you want pin drop silence or never bother about sounds of surroundings

    During annual exams, the student put some extra effort in their studies by having serious study hours in the early morning, late night, group studies and going for special class. But some students prefer to prepare on their own with pin drop silence and they remain shut in the room till their studies are over. Some have the habit of studying amidst every one presence and even the television or music is running in that room. They are not at all disturbed by other activities nor distraction to their studies. How about you for exams preparation ?
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    Pin drop silence is simply not possible in busy cities. Little bit of noise is always there. Most of the students can manage to study with little bit of noise. But loud noise which is not rythmic, shout and quarrel in the home, honking, etc. definitely disturb students.
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    This question itself one to think. Because when we watch television, we need silence, while talking over phone to somebody, we need silence, when we sat in the cinema hall we need silence (we control the person sitting aside not to talk anything) but when we talk about studying, we question about silence. Moreover since the numerous disturbances are there now, the perfect silence is absolutely necessary. The main providers are parents.

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    There are students who can concentrate on their studies irrespective of happenings in the surroundings. They have lot of concentrating power and good grasping power.
    But some students prefer a little calm and quiet atmosphere for their studies. These people will have less grasping power.
    It depends on the individual. Group studies is not advisable. If one among the group is a slow learner he will lose unnecessary. A group of equal caliber may be acceptable.
    I prefer to study in a separate place without any disturbance. I don't want music, songs etc., when I study. This is my habit from childhood. If I read like this,I used to understand the lesson fast and remember long.

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    Yes my daughter has the habit of watching television and studying and yet she maintains the top rank always.
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    I do not bother any sound or noise I can concentrate myself in any situation. I had never studied in pin drop silent condition. Even my children also study in front of television and also watch tv while studying. I sometimes believe that it helps them to study better. They study in breaks.
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