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    How well you know Epics and History. Brief one character and suggest one.

    Many of are impressed by some characters in Epics and in fact they have become our Idol to follow and some characters in our History also greatly influenced either mentally or want to follow their principles. With this back drop this thread has been raised so that members can mention any one character they so love and like from Epic or History, mention good about them and also suggest other character for which you would like to hear from other members. Like this let us spread various characters and know about them. So here is the start from my side :

    Character Arjuna from Mahabharatha
    Arjun is the great warrior and one of the Panch Pandavas and through him we are blessed to have Bhagawatgita from the sermon rendered by Lord Krishna.

    My characater suggested to other members:
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    Draupadi is a lady who was the chief cause for the Mahabharatha war. A lady who enjoyed her life with five strong men. She was the root cause to create a rift between Panch Pandavas and Gauravas. Unaware of the future effects, she ridiculed and insulted Duryodhana when he visited Pandavas palace. Rest is the epic.

    My character suggested : Surpanaga of Ramayana

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    The characters of epics though considered as imaginary by many are to imply the characteristics to be maintained by living people for better life. Example the friendship of Lord Krishna and Kuchela(sudhama). Though the Lord knows everything happily accepted the offering of Kuchela, a fistful beaten rice(aval/chivda/poga)and honored the friendship. These such characters are to (1)keep the friendship ever without status, (2)accept the poverty of a friend though the other in a high status and(3) not insulting or find fault in the offering of a poor friend because of the status. Nowadays we see some people when got some status ignore or comment on the small hotels as worst in hygienic.

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    Sumitra, one of the three wives of Dasaratha, is the character I like much. Sumitra is the 2nd wife of Dasaratha. Dasaratha has distributed the Payasam form the rituals to 1st and 3rd wife only. But not given to Sumitra. But the other two ladies share half of their part to Sumitra. Sumitra gave birth to two sons. She is a strong believer of Rama's greatness. When Kikai wanted her son to become the emperor, Sumitra has never shown any interest nor advised her sons to be with Bharath. When Lakshmana came and told that he will accompany his brother to the forest, she happily accepted and advised him to completely involve himself in the service of Rama and Sita. Really a great character.

    The character suggested is Dasaratha.

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    Since my childhood I have been fascinated by the character of Koombhakaran, the great brother of Ravana. He was a great fighter and used to sleep for six months. But I have been impressed by his grand lifestyle (royal sleeping) and by the menu of food which he use to consume when he was awake for one day (as described in the Bengali Ramayana by Krittibas Ojha). Sometime I wished to become Koombhakaran.
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    This thread did not meet the requirement of the author who wanted someone to write about the character suggested by the previous responder and post a character for the other members to write.

    I suggested a character from Ramayana that was Surpanaka, the sister of Lanka King Ravana. She was the chief cause for the War between Ram and Ravana due to abduction of Sita by Ravana on the insistence of his sister Surpanaka who portrayed the beauty of Sita to Ravana to take revenge of Lakshmana who cut her nose when insisted to marry her.

    My another character suggested: Hanuman

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    Ramachandran, Partha and Dr Rao, please follow what I said. Sun has been doing the right thing. Now respond for Hanuman and suggest your character.
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    Hanuman is Kattappa of Ramayana I guess. Devoting himself to Rama and Sita. Living not for himself. Too much of vanity and equally gallant. Superhuman abilities. A demigod. Never had a family. To be honest, his life is filled with sorrows and sacrifices. And you must note that not even a demi-god capable of arresting sun is free from miseries.

    To be honest, Hanuman needs a lot of character development. This character had a lot of potential and still wasn't used properly. And overtly empowering strength over others is a little too much for a character without much of his own history.
    My suggestion- Nandi, the holy ox. (or the divine bovine. )

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    Nandi is the Vahan or vehicle of Lord Shiva and he is the leader of Shiv- Sena.

    My character: Kunti

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