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    Do the Members go through various articles regularly compared to reading forum posts?

    This is a request NOT to the Webmasters or to the Editors. This is a request to regular Members of ISC. I would like to know if the Members regularly read the vast available resources in the form of articles in ISC? I would also like to know whether they would prefer to read a forum post or an article on a topic.

    I am asking this question, because occasionally I write on some topics which are my favourites. I write on these topics not to get any monetary reward. I write with a purpose. I want that these topics to be read by maximum number of readers. Let us take topics of history or military history of India. I would like to know whether regular Members would like to read such topics in forum posts or in article section. More specifically I have written a forum pst on Rani Abbakka and an article (which is not yet approved) on the batte of Chorbat La. I am interested to know how many Members have read the first one and how many Members have gone through the second one.

    I humbly request the Members to give their free and frank opinion/reply.
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    No.. No.. No.... I hardly open the Article section. When I want to refer my own article, I get into it. Otherwise I keep the Article section out of bound for me. I don't fail to read contest articles.
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    I feel very sad to see the first two sentences - aren't editors members? Don't editors read articles too? You have shut the door to this thread for editors?

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    Sorry Madam: I wanted the views of Members. I didn't want the views of Members in the capacity of Editors. All Editors can give their valuable views, but as Members, not as Editors.

    Sorry again for not formulating the sentences in a proper manner.

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    I read both article section as well as ask your expert section also. I am trying to learn more from these two sections. This is an education to me. Daily I amy be spending 2 hours on ISC. Out of that about 60% of time on forums and remaining 40% on other two sections. So far I have not published any articles. I am trying and I amy do that shortly.
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    Though I read articles, I cannot say that I read each and every article in ISC. I do not read articles in quantum to that I read the forum new posts. I select articles at random as it is displayed when I select the option. From whatever displayed also I select those topics and subjects I am interested only.

    I myself wrote only very few articles, most of them as contest entries.

    But I have read many of your articles on financial matters, because I have some interest on the topic. I usually read the articles written by members on Article contest entries.

    Otherwise I do not read articles immediately on posting. Sometimes when I am attracted by some comments on a particular article, I visit the article and read it if I feel interested.

    I frankly have to admit that in ISC generally, I find only very few articles having depth and detail the way I would like to have it. Otherwise I find most of the articles are superficial and run-o-mill stereotypes. The reason is articles are written not for academic knowledge dissemination, but for cc and adsense.

    But yes, I have gained some very new good inputs and information from some articles on some new subjects also. I would alike to admit that are certain gems hidden in the article treasury. I would be happy if there is a good indexing in article section for easy reference and reading.

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    I request opinion of other Members. Do they read forum posts and articles equally frequently or do they have preferences?
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    Frankly speaking since the recent past, I am regular even in article section not for contributing in it, but for reading, knowing many things as the ISC initiates some topics and the members would respond with whole lots of inputs and such topics are interesting. If I felt, I can improve upon the content, surely I shall make comments in favor or add some more information to the article. Some of the members who are not seen in forum are very active in article section and the way they write the contents are really impressive. For me Forum is the first choice and the article is the second.
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