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    Why ISCians are adamant or reluctant or ignorant to follow the authors instructions?

    Why ISCians are adamant or reluctant or ignorant of authors message? Members, It is not only the members but also the editors who are adamant or reluctant or ignorant of the author's message. It makes me to feel unhappy when a member don't follow the directives of the author. It puts the thread on a wrong track or diverted track. A senior member raised an excellent thread calling members to discuss the characters from History and Epics. I found one senior and intelligent member responding blindly without reading through the thread message. Why? Members, Are you blind with long sight or short sight? Why are you reluctant to follow the author's instruction?
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    You are requested not to use words like "Are you blind with long sight or short sight?" Such words are odious and uncalled for. Maintain some sense of forum decorum.

    If a member who responds does not respond correctly as per the thread's instructions, then it is the duty of the author of the thread or of another member to simply point it out nicely. I agree members should take a little trouble to read the text of a thread properly. Even in contest announcement threads, we have this problem of instructions not being followed.

    What I think is that some members love forum participation so much, that perhaps they get carried away with their enthusiasm!

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    By the way, you have done the same for this thread. Read the topic of a thread please before you respond.
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    I regret for my words regarding the sight if it hurts someone. About the thread quoted, I would say that the response was for the thread title, and the question at the end cannot be answered as it involves government and police. Only the government and police can answer such question. I talked about the judiciary for the last five years. I added some additional new information appreciating the judiciary firmly handling a 18 years old case. I did not derail the thread.

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    I do agree with the author and I had already responded to my thread and advised the regular members to read the rules and instructions and then respond. No problem.
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    Just look at my thread 'Let us Enhance our English vocabulary - Alphabet Z'. Despite my clear instruction on usage of Z, a member posted with N. Is it not an utter reluctance and ignorance of a member not reading and following the instructions of the author? It is not the only case but many cases to quote. Hence I raised the thread to guide the members.

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    I think it's the matter of negligence rather than ignorance. We all love talking and hate listening. So it's natural to forget or neglect rules. Moreover the one narrating rules must be good too.. If you want people to understand you, be clear. Be infallible. Mistakes happen. By everyone.
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