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    Is it true that persons who have not faced poverty or hardships do not know the true value of money?

    Persons who have seen tough financial times and have gone through hardships in their life may understand the real worth of money.

    On the other hand those who are from rich families having all the luxeries may not be able to appreciate the money they have.

    So the attitude of a person in this respect will be depending on his past life.

    What is the opinion of the members on this?
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    It is true. A child born with a silver spoon will never understand the value of rupee. This depends more on the way how the children are brought up. If they parents pamper the children more and go on giving whatever he demands, the child will never understand the value of money. I have seen inter students carrying thousands of rupees in their purse. This is happening not only in rich families but also in some middle class families also. They will never understand the difficulties in earning. If something happens in their life, they will get affected very much.

    But children, who have been under the mentoring of parents who cannot afford or whose parents want to make their child aware the importance of money,may not allow their children as they like. In addition to that they will be advising the children about the difficulties in earning the money, how to spend and how much to be saved. These children will know the hardships of earning money.

    In our village I know a person who was very rich. He had two sons. Both of them were brought up in such a way that, no money will be wasted by them. They used to spend very carefully and at the same time they were never hesitated to spend money in case of necessity. Both of them are grown up and they are perfect gentlemen. They have made a choultry in the village and accommodation is given to poor people who can't take a house on rent.

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    Every person gives importance to money. But in my opinion, the importance varies with the financial condition. A young boy from sound financial background would give as much importance to Rs. 500/- which a boy from weak background would give to Rs. 10/-.
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    There was a great poet in Tamil whose name is Kamban(he only wrote the Ramayanam in Tamil)Initially he was on the middle class side and later he patronized by King Kulothunga Cholan well and he lived in a rich level but with humble nature. Once a Minister from the Kingdom went to his house to see him but on finding kambar went outside,he was waiting on the reception at that time some bags of paddy was taken inside from the cart. After some time, Kambar came in and as he found some grains of paddy found scattered on the ground he started to pick them up. On seeing this work,the waiting minister mocked at him as a great rich man picking up grains from the ground. without saying anything to him but with smile, the poet called the minister inside and asked him to have the lunch with him. when both of them sat before the leaf the minister's leaf was served with gold coins, silver bars and ornaments and Kambar's leaf served with meals. Puzzling minister asked the reason for such serving, the poet calmly replied,'sir,you mocked at me for picking up the grains from the floor and if I am not doing like this I have to eat like this as I do not have any grains to eat though I possess a huge wealth.' The Minister got felt ashamed.

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    " A fool learns from his own mistakes. A legend learns from other's mistakes". You don't have to personally experience poverty to appreciate money. All you have to do is observe. And imagine.
    So I don't think that all rich kids are spoilt and poor kids are pitiful. I've witnessed many of my classmates coming from a influential house, being humble and respecting their wealth. And I've seen poor kids throwing their parents' hard earned money into trash too.
    At the end of the day, it's all about the heart of the individual.

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    When I was a child and when we used to waste our food while eating, we used to get beating from my father for not eating fully and wasting the food. He used tell us unless and until we start earning by ourselves then only we would know the importance of money. And during festivities he used to bring one Thaan of cloth and ask the tailor to stitch shirts for all in same color. We used to refuse the dress. But he would say that he wants to see equality in everything cannot afford different kinds of dress to each child due to family poverty. We could understand what he said now.
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    Yes Mr. Umesh, I am agree with you. The person who has faced poverty know the real values of money but the person who has never faced poverty does not know the real values of money.
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