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    This dog also nurtures a cat. See this image and write your creative thought.

    I am appending herewith a image of a dog which nurtures a cat also along with its puppies. It was fascinating and touching to watch such images as in animals too there is love and affection and above all caring and respecting other animals which has been orphaned. I would call upon the members to pen down a creative story, a poem or something which connects to this picture so that this thread could give importance to this rare bonding of animals. What I want to say that love has no boundaries, if some seeks asylum even enemy could help.
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    'Puppy' a dog was grown up by a well to do family. They treated it as a family member and one among them. Very much pampered. They never allowed it out alone. The whole family has to go and attend a marriage. They will be away for about a week. So they have requested one of their family friends near by their house to take care of the dog with its puppies and dropped them in their house.

    Puppy is very sad and not able to eat even. But the friend's family is taking all the care.

    The neighbors family is having a pet cat. It is not like all village cats. It is grown up differently. This cat is watching the dog and understood the sadness of dog. Somehow cat wanted the dog to eat. So it tried giving food to the dog from a distance. The dog noticed the same and felt happy for that. Then the friendship started between them. The dog started nurturing the cat along with its puppies.

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    Good try from the member Dr Rao. I would request others also try something creative writing on this.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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