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    Today I am relieved!

    Since my childhood I have had a habit of talking to myself. I always used to say something before the eamination, before a crucial football in which I was participating, or when I used to walk alone. The habit of talking to myself used to make me determined; it helped me to fix my target and focus on it.

    However some local uncles and some of my friends used to ridicule me for this odd habit. Some well-wishers even brought this to my parents' notice. But till today, my parents have never said anything to me in this regard. They are very much aware of this habit of mine.

    Even now at such mature (?) age, I sometime talk to myself. While I had been appearing in my MBA/MA(IR)/MA(PA) examinations, I had to appear in various papers after attending office full day and then studying entire night. Even then I used to talk to myself for self-motivation. Many of my relatives from my marriage felt the habit very awkward.

    Today morning I have read an article in the Times of India. It states that talking to oneself is not weird, rather it helps the person to perform better. This is the findings of a study conducted by Bangur University.

    I am relieved now! I am going to preserve this news-item for future reference-to silence my future tormentors!
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    Yes I to opine that talking to oneself not only ensures thinking in right direction and we can set right if we forget something to put in order. Others may think that we may gone made. Let it be.
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    It is a good practice to talk to yourself while in isolation, not in the public places. I do not know whether you talk in private or in the public. Private is good, public is bad as people might think you are a mad. Please understand this and choose to talk yourself accordingly. All the best.
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    Many people will always talk to themselves. I have the habit. But I speak myself only inside. No outsider will notice this. This is good for remembering the things in a better way. By doing this you will slowly get a better understanding of the issue and you will find a solution for the problem.

    But if you talk yourself outside while walking and doing some other works, there is a chance others may misunderstand you.

    But it is individuals wish as long as it is not harming the other

    always confident

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