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    Have you ever guided the people who are unaware of the rules and regulations ?

    Today the NEET 2017 exams have started and the authorities made elaborate arrangements. Right from the beginning it was announced not to bring pads, pens, or wear sun glass, bright dress, no bindi for girls, no chains , no earrings and no rings. But today many of them never followed the rule and I have volunteered to educate the students coming for the center to follow the rules and thus the center authorities felt relieved and thanked me as controlling huge crowd of students with parents is big task at limited centers. Have you ever done such services ?
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    Everyday in Office I have to do this. I guide more than 50 people to follow correct procedure. So far as the present case which Mr. Mohan has stated, this is because people don't check the detailed instructions which are written in very small letters.

    In earlier days, when I was inexperienced, I also committed this type of mistake occassionally. I will write an article about this unbelievable incident one day. In spite of the grave mistake committed by me, I was ultimately successful.

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    Whenever and wherever I come across a person not following the laid down rules and instructions, I don't fail to instruct/advise/guide that person. I will never hesitate to do this. I always try to correct the erring public. Someone thank me and someone show a small face. Yet I don't care and feel that I have done the good. While in office, I always ensured to correct and guide my subordinates to follow the rules and regulations, especially punctuality in attending the office. In my life, I never went late to my office. I am known for my punctuality, sincerity and straight forwardness.
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    There are many people who do not go through rules and regulations and totally ignore them and face the embarrassment at the later stage. Unfortunately these people believe that common sense can be used everywhere to solve any problem at any situation.

    Whenever I used to go to a office or institution for some work, many times I had to wait for my turn or wait for some pperson, I found that people are running here and there for getting clarification on something or trying to find out how a particular job got to be done. I usually interrupted them and asked their problem. To my surprise I found that they were not aware of many small things what to say of rules and regulations. Though I do not boast myself an expert on everything but whatever little I knew, I tried to guide them and help and most of them were very happy and thankful for that. I also had a sense of satisfaction of helping the fellows.

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    They are two types of person. The first type are not knowing the rules. Second type are ignoring the rules. We can suggest,guide and teach the people who don't know the rules. Generally when we go to a bank for some transaction, we will find many people who don't know the procedures. If I see some people like this in the bank I guide them or fill up the form required on behalf of them. It is a common practice.

    When we go to a temple for Darshan, we have to go in the que basing on the crowd. Some people try to jump the que. If I was there I will never allow them to cross the que. Initially I tell them politely and still they are not listening I will shout at them and see that they will follow the que. Similarly once or twice I warned the students smoking in the public.

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