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    What is your favourite time pass

    One should have spare time to pass and definetly each one of us has spare time. Everyone has his or her own interest to pursue in spare time. Some like to read whereas others like to cook. So it differs from one person to another.
    As far as I am concerned I like music. Music for me is a stress buster. No matter how hard day I had if I listen to a soulful song I forget my stress and feel happy and relaxed.
    I like listening to soft music. My favourite singers are Md. Rafi, Sonu Nigam, Atif Aslam, Arijit Singh, Asha Bhosle and Shreya Ghoshal.
    If I am too much stressed out I enjoy light bollywood music or ghazals in a dark room with a cup of coffee. The song can be according to my mood.
    So guys please like my article and comment on it as much as you can and tell me about your time pass.
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    I spend my time more in office work. Then some time with family members. Now a days I have started spending some time on computer on ISC.

    With all this I get hardly an hour or so free time. I like watching Tv and musical programmes on TV like Padutateeyaga. I love reading books of famous writers in Telugu. Mainly light reading only. Not serious books.

    When I am in tremendous pressure and felling stressed, I will open fiction story book and start reading. Slowly I get immersed in the book and forget about the problem. By the I complete reading that book, I will be out with a solution to my problem.

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    Well for a family person like me getting free time may not be possible. I adjust my life in a day in such a way that I give time to all and that includes attending to my needs too. If time permits I shall be with this site and after having done some respectable contribution I shall watch television for some jokes, discovery channel for information on animals and science and also visit comedy show on Impractical jokers and of course news channels now and then. When my family watch the television serials I would listen to old Hindi songs and Old Tamil songs already saved in my cell.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    My leisure time is devoted to reading, noting down points on topics that interests me. I read newspaper with my tea. I read magazines of health, educational values, science etc. Some times I try my hand on diy projects using waste materials which I like to do. I like gardening, I attend to my mini garden tending them. I like to listen to old Hindi songs , ghazals, instrumental. I don't watch much TV unless and until someone comes and switches on TV, and then I am forced to watch serials or movies what others watch. I like watching national geography channel, discovery channel, history mostly nature and science related.

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    My favourite time pass is to read books and surf on net. I always read books and also try to develop this habit of reading books in my children. I read novels in Hindi and English languages. Most of the time I surf on net to get some knowledge on different topics. I also use Whatsapp to share different things with my family and friends.
    I also go to play Table tennis and Badminton at school where students play these games. I also watch T.V. at night and have fun to watch live cricket matches specially IPL.

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    Though I have many hobbies and avenues for pass time but presently I am giving time to reading, ISC, having a daily morning chit-chat with my age group neighbours in the park, surfing internet for informations etc.

    I have a liking for old hindi songs and for that I have kept the time in late evening after meals.

    I do not mind in sharing some of the lighter work in daily household chorus specially making tea etc.

    Still I have got some time which I pass in short and idle walks near my house.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Items for time passing will differ from person to person and that too according to their age and situation. I used to read many books during eighties and later It has shifted to walkman and then again to books and then mobile FM hearing and recently mobile facebook.
    I read one joke
    daughter:Mummy, is there any work for me in kitchen?
    Mother:why,is the net connection gone out in your mobile?

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    I do a lot of stuff in leisure. Watching movies or a TV series. Or I read books at times, though I like to read only while I travel. I like to cook sometimes ( or I should say experiment with food). I play badminton. I always listen to music.
    Else, I just sleep.
    Nowadays I love sleeping a lot. OH YEAH! I almost forgot. I write. Poems, novels, epics, cartoons' fanfictions and also draw animated ones. I play a lot of video games too.

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    My favorite pastime is to enhance my large collection of digital photographs with the help of Photoshop while listening to gazals of Jagjit Singh or Ata Ullah Khan on YT in the background. It is mostly in the late evenings. Whenever I get tired or get bored of the daily work, I select something from the bookmarked YT gazals or songs, select a photo to work on in Photoshop.

    The lovely gazals not just help me in relaxing, they make me walk down the memory lane. Each gazal is associated with a particular time in the past - like where I heard it & with whom I was at that moment. The cherisheable memories of the past, reminded by the favorite gazals and songs, divert my mind from all the mundane & the sometimes-tensing deadlines, energize me sufficiently to carry on for the day. The enhancing of photographs side-by-side, while listening to my all-time favorite music, pleasures me immensely as I learn something new.

    The deadly cocktail (well, my personal one, if I can have a proprieatary on that, will apply for a tardemak for sure) of gazals and the Photoshop transports me to another planet/galaxy.......

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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