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    My super friendly brain.

    Sometimes our brain works like an outsider and helps us like a friend and this outsider is what we call 'Subconscious Brain'. Today this friend of mine helped to gain a mark in my exam. I got stuck at a question - who is known as Gharib Nawaz? I was unable to decide between two among the four options. One is Nizamuddin Alia and the other is Khwaza Moinuddin Chisthi. I was oscillating between these two options and my brain is like 'stupid, here is your clue'; and the clue it gave me is Khwaja mere khwaja song from Jodha Akbar movie. The song begins with ' Ya Garib Nawaz' repeating for three times. Thtat's it I got the answer. Thanks to my brain and Mr. Javed Akthar. Dear friends.... Share your Brain's friendly and incredible acts that saved you or helped you. Really brain is the most complicated machine, isn't it???
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    Wow this is the best example of using the brain in right way and some times our close observance of the things around us would unlock the brain and the need is done to lead for a sure answer. Brain is always not awake. We must make it to awake. Once there was need to have the verification of my Aadhaar card in a organization and failed to take that from home nor I remember number. But I know I have saved a copy in my mail. I requested the officer to open my mail to get the Aadhaar. He obliged and I got the details. Timely remembrance of past things done also helps us.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Good. You have done well. This is a very good work. Brain will be thinking on a subject. But without our intention also our subconscious mind will always will be working on some or other subject. Many times we leave a problem and working on another issue. But our subconscious mind will be working on the problem you have left and it will flash an answer to the question.
    This happens many times. Sometimes as soon as we get up from our sleep, an idea will flash in our minds for some problem. But we can't rely on this always. But you are lucky you got the answer in time.

    The mails, messages, messengers. These are all new inventions. But in the earlier days these facilities were not there. Those days how they were managing is a question mark only.

    always confident

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