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    All is well. That ends well.

    All is well. That ends well. We hear this many times.

    If any events begins well, that will come to an end very well. This is one interpretation.

    If any event is to be performed. When all the people involved are good and plan well. The work will be completed very well. This is another interpretation.

    I always feel the second interpretation is correct. For any work to be completed we require some people to take part. If they are efficient and discharge their works as planned the work will be completed successfully. But if some of them are not able work as a team, the whole project will not be over as planned. Team work is important. In a team some people is of the opinion that their thinking is correct and not caring for other suggestions, the expected results may not turn out.
    What are the opinions of other members of ISC.
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    I agree with the author that if any project or big works is under taken, inclusive performance from all shall give the results in positive manner. For example Hyderabad Metro Rail works has to be completed by June 2nd which is the formation day of Telangana state, but due to some lack of coordination with other departments like road widening, Metro water works and other illegal encroachments, the HMRL contractors could not keep the timing and thus it has to be postponed. Just for some pending works in some pockets the HMRL may get the bad name for not keeping the promise.
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    Team work is very important for doing or performing any task that is of large scale or even for a small work of importance.. For any function/ celebrations or any other activity to be completed on time, every member of the team needs to contribute his/her share of work or duty to be performed efficiently. The success of the event/activity depends on the contributions of the members and the team work within time bound limit. If any member is not agreeing or not performing his task then the goal to be achieved would not be successful or fails. If member fails to perform his duty then the duty allotted to him falls on other shoulders and becomes a burden for them and they many able able to do efficiently. With this the task cannot be complete on time or performed to its perfection. So it becomes very important for each member to become responsible and do it with sincerity and dedication to achieve good results.

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    Planning, coordination and implementation are three phases/factors to do a particular work well. Feedback is also necessary to understand the mistakes. So a work can be done wll if it is planned well, the people have better coordination and the implementation is as per schedule.
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    Nice thread clearly bringing out the necessity for thoughtfully and meticuously planning a job so that it is successfully completed.

    There is also another interpretation which we may call third interpretation. Sometimes a job is started hephazardly and executed with lot of apprehensions but with grace of god and good luck it is sucessfully completed and the executers are very happy and they utter - 'All is well that ends well.'

    Anyway the exact context of the phrase is a matter of research for language analysts but it has been an interesting thread for us.

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