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    Can we believe "keys" of NEET 2017 exams being shared in social media ?

    Yesterday over 11 lakh students across the country have tested their luck and chance by writing NEET 2017 exam for securing seats in Medical stream. As soon as the exam was over, the social media was agog with activities by releasing answers to be compared with the OMR sheet answers already mentioned by the candidates and thus they could get an idea of almost same marks in the result to be announced by CBSE on 8th June 2017. But there are so many keys we have witnessed and how can we believe on its authenticity and truth regarding correct answers ?
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    As the answers are worked out by experts, mainly Professors and Senior Lecturers, we can believe them and they are almost 99% tally with the official key announced by the concerned authorities. Generally Social media shares the information published by the various academies like Sri Chaitanya, Narayana, Resonance etc., we can trust them.
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    Then why the NEET organizers CBSE takes one week to release the Keys for the exams held on 7th May ?
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    Who has prepared the key. This is a point of concern. Nowadays, in social media many unreliable posts are coming. If we really go by them we will be at a loss.

    As mentioned by Ms.Pranita, if the key is from a reliable source like professors, corporate colleges and academic institutions, we can believe them.

    We need not worry about these keys because they are not official and only for comparison. It is reliable or not,it makes no difference. But the key given by CBSE is official and valuation will also be done on the basis of this key. So they should be very sure of the answers they give. They take more time for this authentication only I thonk.

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