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    The downfall of credibility of Arvind Kejriwal was never expected this soon ?

    When he parted ways and created a party called Aam Aadmi Party, squarely on the basis of rooting out the corruption in government offices and departments and also among the big money hoarders, we thought Arvind Kejriwal would change our Country corrupt free and no bribes. But the way he is governing Delhi and we are now witnessing scam after scam and the latest being Kejriwal having accepted 2 crore bribe and that is being authenticated in social media as the witness by his own Minister. Thus once who ever kept hope on Kejriwal has to bite the dust as he aping and living like other politician . He is now a ordinary politician.
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    A barking dog never bites. This is well known statement. The issue of Mr.Kejriwal is like that. When he started his own party and made so many promises, people believed him. But now it is proved beyond doubt that he is also like any normal politician of India. After Mr. Modi has become the PM, we have not witnessed any scam in central government. But in Delhi, we were hearing many scams and all are around Mr.Arvind only. His own minister authenticated the bribe taken by Mr.Kejriwal. Now all lost hope on this person.

    He can fool the voter once or twice, but not always and alltimes.

    always confident

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    Mr. AK was first a cheater who did not repay the sum to the government taken as loan. Then he was a betrayer who betrayed Anna Hazare. Then he disappointed the public by not fulfilling his election promises. Now he is the most corrupt politician as claimed by his own minister. He has won the heart of the people by pretending to be gentle, disciplined and clean. Whereas he is not. He is also like any other corrupt politician we have in our country.
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    AAP came in politics with a bang but they got a wrong place to operate - that is Delhi.

    Delhi is a peculiar place in the sense that CM of Delhi has to look towards Governor for many things as police and some other functions are not under CM. Probably this has baffled Kejriwal to the extent that his party could not function independently.

    Anyway they can not blame the system for their inefficiency and slowly their reputation is going down specially after the break in the party.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Umesh we are talking about integrity of CM. He is supposed to be corruption crusader and how come he accepts bribe ?
    K Mohan
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    The career of Arvin Kejriwal started with a bang. He was denied a Delhi posting in IRS, resigned from IRS (but his wife didn't at that time), joined Anna movement, became popular using Anna, ditched Anna, formed a political party and became CM with unprecedented majority. His ambition grew sky-high despite one after another corruption case involving his party came to the limelight. He targeted the chair of PM, but failed. Yesterday his own party leader alleged that he took Rs. 2 crores for one of his party leaders. Now the downhill journey of Kejriwal has started.

    The anti-national NGOs played a very important role during his upward journey. I don't know how many Members know that 49 NGOs financed his Lok Sabha campaign in 2014 against Narendra Modi.

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    Partha you made some starling revelation. It seems to be greater conspiracy against PM then.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am one among many thousands who was seeing Kejriwal as a different leader with sincere intentions to clean the polluted political scene in this country. Me and many like me took him as an anti-corruption crusader. As far as he was with Anna Hazare it was so and okay. But very soon he started showing his real colour and texture and Anna Hazare also had to distance fro him.
    Very soon Kejriwal showed that he was only a painted figure and his real colour below are different than what was believed by the innocent well wishing public. From then on his downfall was fast. He soon crashed from the high pedestal the Indian youth and unbiased public kept him on. Thousands felt betrayed by him and rued how theye were al taken for ride by Kejriwal. In fact he was just like any other stereotype political leader and practised the same political system which he was opposing at start.

    Myself and many other members in ISC also voiced such opinion in various threads and contexts.

    For sample, I am giving a few relevant portion from old forum threads.

    In my response #390610 in this thread of Jan,2013 "He came down from his high pedestal of anti-corruption crusader and started meddling on matters like electricity bill etc.e matters are already handled by many ............From the unique position of staying on top,now Kejriwal is fighting for a little space among the crowded stage of politics."

    On 18 Mar 2014 I raised a thread where I doubted that to Kejriwal has lost his credibility. Many agreed with me while eventhen some had faith in him.

    In a thread of 11 Nov 2012 itself the thread author has doubts about Kejriwal's intentions on his certain actions.

    In my response #592713 dated 08 Mar 2017, I concluded with a heartfelt lament .." What a downfall of a person, who was once looked upon as a hero and hope!"Mohan has expressed exactly similar sentiments in this present thread.

    ISC members had been voicing the same. Of course we are not happy in proving ourselves right, but regret on the betrayal meted out to the lakhs of people who reposed faith and hope for a good future.

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