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    Why people more calculative and lose their chances

    Nowadays, many of us more calculative in all things and thereby facing problems. One of my friend more calculative in traveling hour from his house to railway station. One day he as per his calculation started to railway station with his wife to catch the New Delhi Train and from there his plan was to go to Jallandhar. He never convinced himself to provide time for traffic and unforeseen events. Accordingly on that day he missed his New Delhi train as he reached the station 20 minutes late due to heavy traffic on the road. So, first he lost his new delhi train and his jallndhar train ticket also about to cancel. But he without tired he returned to house and booked air ticket on the next day morning and went to Delhi and however reached Jallandhar, but what was the cost and strain because of his over calculative.

    In economics there is a word 'Other things remaining constant', accordingly we have to provide margin while we plan.

    whenever I got interview letter or examination call in outstation, I used to locate the place in the before day itself to avoid late etc., But it is pity to see the today's newspaper that many students loss their entry to NEET examination center as they came late by five minutes or so. It is because of thei negligence or careless in their appearance. If they really interested they should reach the place on the before the day itself. If they are negligent in their work, what is the use of arguing or fighting with the authorities
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    A wrong calculation and bad planning. It is better always to reach station at least half an hour before. From my house to Secunderabad it will take 25 minutes to 30 minutes. But we always start at least one hour before the train arrival time. Then we will have lot of time to know about the platform and position of our compartment and reach to that spot.

    Similarly it will take always one hour to airport from my house. So I will start at least 1.5 hours before the required time.

    we should always give margins for time when we are planning. Some unknown hindrances may come and we many not be able complete in time. Always plan to finish ahead.

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    Keeping margins for traffic delays and other unforeseen incidents is always a good strategy whenever we are going out. There are many things which are beyond our control but starting a bit early is in our hands so why unnecessarily delay it.

    I have some relatives who are very gregarious and affectionate. When we visit them for some days then while returning they ask what time our train is and then start calculating an tell us time at which we should leave the house. I always felt uneasy on such propositions but how to tackle this. I found a solution by telling wrong time to them by advancing it by 30-40 minutes. Though sometimes I felt guilty for that.

    Anyway the message is yes in general we are very calculative and not practical and due to this often lose time and money.

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    Time and again I used to educate my wife and my children to know the importance of time and give room for other things to adjust with time. For example my wife school bell is at 8.20 am and my travel time by scooter from home to school is exactly 12 minutes if the three traffic signals are green and go. When the traffic signal is red at one point, I get red at other two points also. So surely 6 to 8 minutes for traffic signals has to be kept. Therefore I would advise her to be ready by 7.55 am sharp. But wont listen. She keeps on talking to the phone and does other work not having eye on the time. Thus invariably we leave from the home by 8.10 daily. Now imagine what a pressure on me to drive the scooter fast and also manage the traffic without waiting for signal by taking left turn and right. Even after all this, we reach at 8.25 and the late mark is already there against her name.
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    In my home also, I am facing exactly the same problem. When would they understand?
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    We all want things to happen by our way right? So we all do calculate the odds of them not happening.
    There's nothing wrong in being calculative, I infact appreciate that. Keeping ourselves a schedule, calculating odds, trying to be punctual and effective, all these suggest a high discipline.. But calculations do go wrong in practical. So always have a plan B. And try not to ponder much about the errors. Errors are natural in any calculation.

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