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    Do you believe in ghosts?

    Do ghosts really exist? Some people believe and some people do not believe in ghosts. The re are many people who say that they have seen or felt ghosts. Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen or felt ghosts around you?
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    I have never seen or felt a ghost. But I heard many people saying that they have seen a ghost.

    In my childhood days, my Uncle(Father's brother) went alone for a movie for 2nd show on a bicycle to the nearby major panchayat. The distance is about 1.5Km. It was a 15 minutes cycling. The area between our village and the cinema hall was full of fields and trees. No houses. He came very late in the night and slept. Next day morning he was having full fever and not able to get up. My father had given some medicine. He narrated an incident to my father.

    The previous day night while he was coming back from the movie, he had seen a lady with a saree of white colour walking ahead of the bicycle. He tried to come fast but the cycle was not moving. Somehow he managed to increase the speed and the lady disappeared. In another 2 minutes, he started feeling that somebody was sitting on the back and the bicycle had become very heavy and not able to drove it It was more than half an hour he took and as he was nearing the village the bicycle had become normal. He got frightened and got fever. Almost it had taken about 10 days to recover from that ill health.

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    This is a very interesting and peculiar subject. Interesting because every one likes hearing about ghosts and ghost stories. Peculiar because the authenticity of ghosts is still to be claimed.

    It is said that you do not believe in ghosts till you encounter one. Psychologist say that it is something in your subconscious mind that you feel the presence of a non existing entity and believe that you have seen a ghost.

    Anyway so far I do not believe in them though I have read extensively about them and also read many horror stories. Incidently Edgar Allan Poe is my favorite.

    The concept of ghost has emerged from soul. In many religions soul is thought to be a separate spiritual part of body and has no physical attribute in it rather it can in situations take any shape it desires. It is difficult to scientifically ascertain whether anything such as soul really exists. These things are beyond science.

    There are people who claim to have encountered ghosts and there are people who claim their rebirth but there is no way to confirm these things logically or scientifically.

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    We have already has a lot of threads on this same topic, one just a few months ago. Please use the search tool before posting any topic for discussion in the forum as it becomes boring to see the same type of topics.
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