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    NEET rules – is this taking it too far?

    The bit of news I am sharing here left me both shocked and amused.

    The stringent rules prescribed and followed for NEET, are a topic of discussion. It is interesting to note the steps taken by the authorities to prevent cheating - no full sleeves, no jeans, no earrings, no hairpins, no nose pins, no metal. There is an image in the papers of an official snipping off the sleeve of a candidate. Shocking, but maybe she deserved such treatment (or did she) for not following the rules.

    As I turned the pages, there was more shocking news inside. Girls at a NEET examination centre in Kannur were asked to remove their undergarment because they had metallic clasps and buckles. Is this not taking it a bit too far?

    Imagine the psychological impact this must have had on those girls. I think this was uncalled for and completely unjustified. What are your reactions to this news?
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    This is extreme other side. But we are in the world of cheaters and they will try to find one way or another to get their work done by cheating the people.
    A real incident I heard from a lecturer friend . A girl writing inter exams, had taken a small paper from her blouse and started copying from that paper to the answer sheet. My friend and another lady were the invigilators. The lady gone near the student and asked her to get up. Collected papers from her and asked how many slips were there inside. The student took almost 10 small papers from her blouse. The lecturers asked her to leave the exam hall.

    When they were keeping in such private places how to control. This kind of incidents only will bring in such kind of rules.

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    I too agree with the author that the authorities went too far to ensure free and fair NEET exam but in the melee they literally abused the girls who were not allowed to wear bright dress, chains, rings, no pens and above all all the checking has been done in video recording. How can the frisking be done for the girls under video recording mode. Any one can miss use the video and even can upload in the internet. I was told by my daughter that one examiner wanted other girl to open her inner wear and prove that she does not have any cheating material. Parents had the hell time outside.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Technology and techniques have so improved that made passing of examinations easy. The crooks find various means and methods to cheat the examiner and pass in the examination. Hence, stringent measures are instituted by the authorities as a precautionary measure. Ultimately the innocent people suffer. Each and every item we wear or carry are susceptible to suspicion.

    What is essential is - The candidate appearing in the examination should strictly adhere to the instructions laid down, and should not give any room for checking. I think, this year's NEET rules will be strictly followed by the candidates in the future years for the neat conduct of examinations.

    I feel pity over the candidates who went for examination without reading through the guidelines and instructions.

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    Permitting innocent and sincere students to be humiliated and harassed is not the solution. I think the need of the hour is stricter punishment for students caught cheating. If we have to set an example we must show no mercy to those who cheat.

    1. The number of invigilators should be increased
    2. NEET and other exams should be conducted online

    Finally, a case has been filed and four teachers have been suspended, for being over zealous - but they were only doing their job. They should have been briefed by the CBSE, before being asked to do the job.

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    The over action at the center citing the CBSE rules was the reason for inconvenience to the students. When students have not brought their pass port photo, they should not have sent back. They should have allowed to write verifying Aaadhaar number and so on.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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