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    Money minded persons ignoring the morality and real things

    when money minded thinking and forgetting morality comes into one's mind, he nothing but selfish and expecting ruins. Nowadays there are many television channels and newspapers around us but everything is grinding same flour again and again. But everything become useless to a common man. One example, recently in Madurai, the chitra festival, which is very famous culturally and many visitors even from foreign countries are visiting and the entire Madurai is floated with people where there are free feeding to many, the entire city is in festival decoration and all people are feeling the marriage of Lord Meenakshi as their own house marriage. I am enjoying this situation since 1960 but this yea I feeling very badly that no newspaper and television channels are giving priority for this or live relay even from government channels. Similarly the famous festivals of our country like Rath yatra of Puri, also ignored. we have to search newspapers or channels to see about the same. It is pity that we have no common channel or newspaper.I appreciate the channel PTC for relaying the daily happenings of golden Temple and programmes with shabads. everybody around only politicians and not for other news.If this thouht prevailing in them how we can expect morality and moral thinkings in the people.
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    Yes I agree with the author that religious functions and festivities held at the famous temples must be televised live for the benefits of devotees who could not visit personally. I appreciate the TTD channel and Bhakthi channel for initiating some live festivals of temples and I really astonished to note that how come Jaya tv which is famous for relaying such festivities missed the Madurai Chitrai festival. I think the governance has gone from bad to worse and it has been given in the hands of Money makers who care less for people aspirations and expectations. DD must take care in future.
    K Mohan
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    Yes I agree that money minded people ignore moral values most of the time because their aim is to get money by hook or crook. They can go to any level, they can do anything for money. They think twice before doing anything rather they do nothing witch will not be beneficial for them. They will not even help anybody without any profit. To sum up I can say that money minded people may earn money but it becomes difficult for them to earn relationships because they never value people or human emotions.

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