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    Usage of vocabulary for a particular context

    Thank u sir . Actually I have started vocabulary.but for a word there if we go through a paper we use to observe vocabulary in particular situations.but in our life we will more concentrate on daily actions and words I have learned from that paper is not speaking out and
    my friends are not too passionate and patience to have an English conversation with me. My main drawback is lack of that english speaking environment . please suggest any tips how to use vocabulary have learned .is there any online classes to spare some time.
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    Lakshmi never under estimate your self. Every one is the learner here. Knowing vocabulary and using aptly is the highlight of a good learner. You can always learn good vocabulary from dictionary and from the internet. For example take letter A, in this starting letter, go on adding other letters and try to form one word. Initially you may be forming three or four letter words, as you get confidence and courage coupled with encouragement from others you may go for more than for letter words. For example you may chance upon. Aborigines,Acquaintances. Amalgamations, etc. Like wise try from every alphabet, and you will be winner soon.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am not Satisfied with u r question is entirely different one

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    The best way to excel in a language is to speak it right? You don't have to stress much about vocabulary. You needn't know long and complicated words to have a better language. Instead language is preferred easy by many. So, you just need someone to talk to. Problem, your friends hardly talk in English ,right? That's exactly what we ISCians are for.
    Talk with us. You improve yourself and impart to us some.
    Never attend online classes though. Interaction is the best way of education.

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    Thank u sir for your valuable suggestion.

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    Many people hesitate to talk in English thinking that they may not use correct words and by hearing your words others may laugh. Once you have this hesitation in your mind you can't improve your language. So please come out of that problem first.
    There is no need to use very big and new words. Start conveying with simple words. Try to talk in english as much as possible. If you have a brother or sister you can start talking to him/her in english. If you are not sure of words there are dictionaries where equivalent words of english to your mother tongue words can be find.

    Practice makes man perfect. So you have to start speaking in english and will improve definitely.

    always confident

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    Vocabulary is not a one day affair. It takes a considerable time to build up a nice vocabulary.

    There are many good books available which give systematic way of learning new words, similar words, word roots, synonyms, antonyms etc.

    To begin with I will suggest you to keep a dictionary and a thesaurus handy at the time of reading newspaper and see their meanings in dictionary and synonyms in thesaurus. Some of these words you can try to use with friends or relatives while talking to them. This is one method which may look tedious but it is very effective because you get to know the current words being used in media.

    Knowledge is power.

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    To improve your vocabulary, try to speak in English with your siblings and friends. Do not worry about the mistakes, try and try to improve speaking skills in English. Every day speaking English is simple and not that difficult, it comes with practice. You have to keep on learning new words, use them in your communication to improve. Use simple words that can be understood easily. You have to be good listener too to improve your vocabulary. Observe and listen when others are speaking in English, this will help you to know how and where to use the words appropriately. Read books, in simple language any new word you come across, find out its meaning. The language you have used in the post is good. Little corrections here and there will help you to improve your speaking ability. Every day read the posts in the forum sections to learn the vocabulary. Forum section is a very good place to start with and the topics discussed are general and can be understood easily. It will help you improve in writing, in speaking and in vocabulary, It's not that difficult. Write on topics that interest you and post it . Members will guide you. All the best.

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