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    What is your better understanding on the terminology used on the PwD?

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    Dear ISCians,

    As the saying goes, I am writing on the terminology used on the Person with Disabilities (PwD) for a better understanding of the citizens referred to our India's dailies. It should be read as Person with Disabilities (PwD) and not Public Work Department (PWD). The international community has preferred the use of Persons with Disabilities (PwD). We know when a nation at war with other nation says, "we have disabled all the missile launchers of our enemies". If the seventh sisters state especially the state Nagaland allows 29,000 citizens to remain disabled with a loss of work force, dignity, and headcounts from the small population? Moreover, the Indian Government has also rightly used this term "Person with Disabilities" in both the acts related to this group of citizens, 1995 and 2016.

    I write this for general awareness of our people Indians those who are hailing from the seven sisters states in Northeast as this concern about the PwD in our society is emerging only recently. Use of the term "Person with Disabilities" implies the persons in question are persons living with some disabilities who can be potential, resourceful, if only the society engages them.
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    Persons with Disabilities is expressly understood that they are not like the main stream citizens and needs special attention and extra care from the government. I am astonished to note from the author that there are more than 29,000 disabled persons in Nagaland alone and the figure could be more in all the seven NE states. I think the PwD citizens should form a association and represent their woes to Minister Kiren Rijju who is sympathetic and very close to our PM Modi. Surely all your pending demands and problems would be addressed and a ray of hope for future can be guaranteed.
    K Mohan
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    Persons with Disabilities are those who can't perform everything as a normal human being. The disability may be physical or mental. My personal observation is persons who are physically disable will have a very strong mind. They are more intelligent. My own sister is a deaf girl by birth. She can't speak as she is deaf by birth.We have admitted her in school. She passed SSC and inter. She got a sate government job and doing well. She married another deaf and dumb boy. They had a daughter. She is perfectly alright. My sister is very intelligent and she manages her family very nicely.
    Government is giving pension to these type of people and there are reservations in jobs for them. Still Government can do a lot for them.

    always confident

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    The author has nicely brought out a hidden but sensitive issue.

    Persons with Disabilities are to be treated with dignity and we must extend a helping hand to them in whatever capacities we are. Government already considers them for employment wherever possible. There are schemes and legislature to benefit them.

    It may be surprising for many that a large number of disabled persons are there in our country. As per year 2011 census data about 2.68 crore people are having some type of disabilities.

    To occupy or to help these people as per their condition is a big challenge and until unless social organisation extend help Govt alone can not address the issue successfully.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I have heard from many people calling disabled to disability person which is not a good thing. They handle bitter situation easily. They cannot do everything but the things which they are able to do which could by hardly done by any able person.

    Government provides travel facility with railways and disability pension to PWD. Govt. also provides Reservation facilities such as exemption from paying exam fees for government jobs, free parking at every places, reserved train compartment, etc.

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