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    They wont reach out but still keep on promising to help. Beware of such persons.

    Sometimes we are bound to take help of others in emergency as we have to meet some urgent commitments. Be it relatives or friends some have the bad habit not helping at all but to save their face and behave like a supporter for us they keep on promising to help but never reach out. And we fail to understand their ulterior motive and still repose faith and trust on them that they would help. A person really want to help us would do so within no time without asking question. So beware of people who promise to help but keep on postponing for no reason.
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    People may want to help, but may be having genuine reasons for not being able to help. Everyone has their reasons, it is wrong to assume that they keep putting off helping for no reason. What ulterior motive can there be? For all, you know the person might be questioning your ulterior motive for asking for help, and weighing the pros and cons, before going ahead and helping.

    Also, there is nothing to beware. Move on, find another source to ask for help if you see the one you approached first hesitating. The idea is to get that assistance and not to linger over and worry over why people won't help.

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    Anybody and everybody requires some help at sometime or other in their lifetime. There is a saying in Telugu. Even gold plate requires support to stand. When somebody approaches us for help it is always advisable to tell them whether we can help or not clearly. Otherwise they may expect us to help and they may not approach others. So not expressing our correct stand is not correct.

    When we require some help it is always better to ask the people who can really help us. Depending on a single source is also not correct. Really who wants to help us may have some other priorities and may not be able to help us, but he may be exploring the possibilities to help us. So we should think from their side also. So have a fallback arrangement also. Everybody will have some or other reason for their acts.

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    What I mean to say that they keep on promising to help but virtual help wont come in near future.
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    Many people in society will pretend as if they are always ready to help others but in reality they do not. We must recognize these people otherwise we will be cheated by them time and again.

    Though in long run these people are already known in the society for their behavior but still we sometimes get carried with their narration and talks that how they had helped others in past.

    It is said that a friend in need is a friend in deed. So such people do not deserve our friendship and it is better to avoid such persons if they extend seemingly warm appearance towards us.

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    Everybody needs help sometime or the other. It is good to help others. Since childhood we have been taught do to others as you want them to do to you. Keeping this in mind people help each other so that they can get when needed.
    But there are few people who will pretend as if your wish is their command but when you really need them they will never ever be present to help you. They will assure you but will ditch you in the end moment. We should beware of such people who make false promises. One should stop entertaining such people and make them realize what they did by making false commitment and putting you in false position.

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