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    Shall I have interesting inputs/discussion on my favourite Palindrome?

    Many members knew who had interacted me well in this platform that I have came across many times about palindrome, palindrome numbers, palindrome dates, palindrome week.

    As I am crazy about it, just 10 minutes before, when I ride my scooter,( I used to check the meter reading too and if that turns to be palindrome, I used to stop and took a snap) and flashed.

    Also one or two days before I got a share on social platform about the first Palindrome song from the film Vinodhan(Tamil) where the writer penned down his lyrics as palindrome words and also released on the palindrome date of this year(7117). But however I found only one error in the lyrics though in pronunciation it came as palindrome but in writing in Tamil, NaaNaa is not a palindrome.

    So members please come with any kind of palindrome to decorate this palindrome thread.
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    Some palindrome example

    madam ,level, rotor
    racecar. wow,

    example of a sentence:

    no lemon, no melon

    always confident

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    More members may come with good discussion and give interesting palindromes too.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    In January, 2016, I raised a thread on palindromes. Many members gave many examples of palindromes in that thread. I am giving the link of the thread for reference of the Members:-
    Let us talk about palindromes

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