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    A beginner's question

    Can i post articles on any topic I want?
    For example, I want to post articles on elocution topics , one-word topics and debatable topics .
    Is that possible or do I compulsorily need to post articles related to topics like education, vehicles, entertainment and other topics given in the articles section of this site??
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    yes you can post articles on the topics you want but before beginning you must search the topic in ISC to avoid duplicacy.
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    N K Agarwal , warm welcome to this site as a new member, and great to know that you wanted to post contents as articles for this site. You are welcome to post elocution topics, one word topics and debatable topics provided they are your own creation. We are not supposed to share any copied items from other sites and we should strictly submit our own created articles. You can choose any subject which bothers you or concern and then created a good article with nice heading, good summary, befitting body contents, give your own appraisal of the article and then conclude with remarks. Surely such articles would be approved forthwith.
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    Thank you,
    #K MOHAN

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    Welcome Nikhil kumar, Yes, you can post articles on any topic of your interest. The article should be of original content not copied. Go through the guidelines for posting articles in article section. Any doubts you have you can post it in forum section, the members will help and guide you accordingly. Be regular and participate in various sections of ISC. You will gain knowledge on various topics and also enhance your skills in writing. You can post articles on any subject be it vehicles, entertainment, science, electronics, one word topics, debatable topics etc, etc, as you have mentioned, but stick to the guidelines.
    Wishing you the best.

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