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    Education System after 2020

    How will be the education system after 2020? The current scenario is 'Private schools are asking more fees for even an LKG student and I felt like the education system nowadays becomes like a business
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    What I feel that our Prime Minister Narender Modi would certainly bring drastic change in the current education system. There may not be schools and colleges virtually functioning. But students and children would be imparted with education and lessons on line with strict adherence to timings. That means under the guidance of parents especially the mother, the child will be taking to classes and thus the progress and weakness can be known forthwith. Even tests, weekly exams are conducted online and the marks are made known forthwith. Such would be the education and the fees would be very nominal as there wont be over heads for schools and colleges.
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    I feel Govt will bring a drastic change in our education system.We will have Govt Pre-Primary schools.Govt will appoint Pre -Primary Teachers.One will have no need to spend money on taking admission in L.K.G. Now the govt is in mood of bringing drastic change in our education system.
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    Current situation of Education system is like a market, we can say Education Market. Most of the private institutions are not giving Education, they are selling it and they are not teaching the student to learn the subject with practical life and to understand the concepts instead they are Pressurizing students to memorizing the facts for marks and grades as they want their institution become popular . Teachers are not teaching why they are learning the particular subjects and topics. Grade system made the students to concentrate on getting the grades to reach to the next level. There are many Government schools in rural areas having single teacher, because the Government is not investing and not giving importance to Education system, because nowadays Government is struggling with politics. Unless the Government not making any revolutionary action, the Education system will be like the market only. I think now the Government started to make lots of positive changes in the education system of India. Hope this will be continued and will wait for the positive revolution.

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    Earlier degrees are obtained, but now they are purchased. All corporate colleges, corporate schools exploiting the weakness of parents and their wards. Every parent wants his kid 1st rank and a seat of his choice in IIT. They parents never bother about the knowledge the child is having, but they are concerned for his rank only. I feel this attitude of the parents should change. Otherwise the system will continue like this and the difficulties continue. Is a seat in IIT only the ultimate? Nothing more in life. They can only live a good life? Not others?

    A choice should be given to the child. We can educate him and ask him to choose the best of his interest. Then the child will flourish.Whatever the reforms government will bring, if the ultimate aim of people is not going to change, the present way will continue. Please see the level of competence of your child and allow him to perform at that level. Tendulkar never studied in IIT, but is famous worldwide. Sindhu never attended any corporate college, but she is a role model for many. KCR never gone to any corporate college, but he is in the hearts of all telangana people. So my sincere request to all is please come out of box and think. Automatically the system will improve.

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