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    Girls are getting more educated than boys.

    In the recently announced 10th and Inter exams results in Telangana it is found that girls fared well and the boys were lagging behind. Please note that girl child are not allowed to study in full concentration and there would be disturbance from the parents especially the mother who would ask the girl child also to attend house hold chores. In spite of that girl students did fare very well and if this trend continues, we can see more number of girl Engineers and Girl doctors in our country and that is for sure. They are also progressing in other groups too.
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    "Grls are getting more educated than boys"! Well it may not be true! But whenever the girls are getting equal opportunity, they are winning the competition (in every conceivable field) hands down.
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    If we see in totality in our country a large number of girls still have to get equal opportunity for education. It will be a long way to achieve that goal but yes whenever girls are given opportunity they are showing their worth.

    One reason why girls are doing well is that culturally and socially they are away from bad company and other distractions as compared to the boys and this gives them an edge in performing in exams.

    Girls have in general also to take part in household chorus and limits their study hours to some extent. Still they are competing well with the boys.

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    Invariably I have seen at several places that in the banners set up by each school and college at their entrance, the girl students out numbered the ranks than boys and hence my observation.
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    Yes. It is true. The girls are winning over boys. The main reason is girls will have lot of concentration on the work whatever they do. But boys concentrate on girls. Girls are still very much under the control of parents. But it is a little less in boys. They pretend as if they are in control. Bad company to the boy will spoil him also. In this tender age boys will get attracted more towards bad boys rather than good. So parents should take care and should have a keen following with sons. Earlier days parents used to pray for male child but the trend is changing now. Many are asking for female child.

    On the lighter side, probably schools and colleges are printing girls photos more to attract good number of boys to their school or college.

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    Yes, Mr. Mohan, Girls are conscious of their rights now and they want to be equal partners with boys in the developmental activities. Their number is swelling in many spheres, even those which were hitherto considered to be male dominant. It is a good sign for the nation. Male vs Female ratio, though still not favourable even now, is improving which shows the concerns of the parents to have and nurture female children. Once this is imbibed in the minds of parents their whole attitude towards girl child is also changing. This way a better atmosphere is generated for the girl child to flourish resulting into excellence over boys.

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