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    “Use Me!”- A loud cry of a garbage box

    While I was waiting for my bus at Koyambedu bus depot in Chennai, I heard a voice murmuring the words "Use Me… Use Me!!" repeatedly. The sound came near by me and it heard like a loud cry of someone. I started to search for the voice and at last I found it. It was a cry of the garbage box which stood a few steps away from me. I went near the box and asked for the reason. It started to share its feelings.

    I am a new green color garbage box sitting here from the morning. "Use Me!" is my powerful mantra. Can you see the words Use Me which is written at the middle part of my body in shining large white font?

    Yes! I replied.

    But why it is not visible to the eyes of other people? shouted the garbage box.

    I remained silent.

    The box continued to speak. When I started my life at 8.20 am today morning as garbage box here in this place, I was excited and I eagerly waited to hold the dumped wastes of the people. Now my excitement got reduced because I was sitting here for more than 5 hours and no one came forward to drop the wastes. I thought people would use me effectively but I'm very much depressed now because….the box stopped and remained silent.

    I was eager to find the reason behind the depression of the garbage box.

    After a long silence, the box again opened its feelings. A man who ate banana threw the banana peel on the ground and went casually. An old lady who was sitting here few hours ago opened a parcel and had her lunch. I expected a positive response from her but after finishing her lunch she also threw the foil paper on the ground. A bus driver and a conductor who ate fritters in the nearby shop threw the tissue paper at the entrance of the shop after cleaning their hands. Similarly many people crossed me from the morning but not even a single people came forward to use me. Is this fair? Why people are not using me? Am I not useful to these people? cried the box.

    While I was listening to the cry of the trash box, a small boy who had a biscuit packet in his hand crossed me with his mom. They walked few steps away from me and waited for their bus. After eating the biscuits, the boy handed the empty biscuit packet cover to his mom. His mom threw the cover on the ground. I felt ashamed to be a part of this society which doesn't know to keep the surrounding clean.

    Within few seconds I was surprised because my eyes captured a happy moment. The boy who was eating the biscuits came running towards me and dropped the empty biscuit cover into the garbage box and shouted "Ma!! My class teacher taught me to drop the wastes on the dustbin and not on the ground. Hereafter you too use the garbage box that is why it is here". The boy's mother felt ashamed. The people who heard the loud voice of the small boy appreciated him for his act.

    While everyone was appreciating the little kid, I was super excited to see the garbage box singing "Hey Hey !! One person finally used me.. ! used me…!" and dancing.

    My Entry for creative story writing contest
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    I immensely like this soically relevant story. The story gives a very simple but an extremely important message. A strong contender, no doubt about it!
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Thoughtful write up by the author and she also conveys a social message that garbage and other waste must be put in Use Me box and that would keep the environment clean especially at places like Bus stands.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Our PM is advocating swachh Bharath. The story is in line with that mission. Good attempt. The unawareness of the people or the ignorance of the people I don't know, many of us will never use dustbins.
    Recently I am observing some difference in the attitude of the people. Everybody is trying to keep the place neat. Earler days people used through everything on road. But in Hyderabad, they stopped doing that. May be Chennai requires some more stories like this to improve.
    All the best to Ms. Soundharya for the competition.

    always confident

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    A story written for creating awareness to keep the place clean. Good job done. With so much importance given for cleaning mission, yet people are not following this simple act of throwing the waste in the dust bins. This is a sad situation in our country. The other day I had gone to movie in the theater, after watching the movie I noticed that people did not bother to use the bins, instead they left the juice bottle, drinking water bottles, paper wrappers on the seats, on the floors. More and more awareness has to be created to educate people about keeping the places clean not only at homes but every where and any where.

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