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    Its Me, the box food who wiped the tears of hungry children in flooded areas

    I am a box food. I know my name is familiar with most of you. But if you don't know much about me, let me give a small introduction about myself. I am seen everywhere in the stores, supermarkets and even food banks. I am available to you in different shapes and colors. Whenever you are in need, i am there. God created me with lots of intentions. I have no time to sit lazy. I am so happy to help people in a lot of ways. I know there are rich people and poor people in this world. Even though rich people with lots of money can buy any food items for killing their hunger, the poor people cannot. I was told that all people in this world work very hard for their living. Its a fact that things won't be the same every day. I am sure you will get an idea what I exactly mentioned here from the next story of myself.

    My journey to flooded areas started from a food bank, who receives lots of food donations to help those in need. Here my duty was very fast. Daily we have jobs in food bank. Today was hectic as there was a flood affected area in our location. So all food items to be transported were sorted quickly. We were arranged very neatly with lots of food items and packed by kids and adults to the food trucks. When all the box foods were packed, the truck started its journey to the flood affected area. In this journey, I made friends with food items like cereals, milk powder, vegetable oils, canned fruits, bottled juices, canned fish, canned meat, rice packets and canned vegetables. It always took long hours to reach the respective destinations and so I was listening to the conversation of food items.

    Cereals told so happily " I am the perfect food for a breakfast. Kids and adults enjoy if I am there in the dining table.
    Milk replied " I will be a perfect combination with cereals"
    Hearing this, all other food items were ready to tell their roles.
    Rice together with canned products of vegetables, meat and fish said " We are the complete lunch".
    Canned fruits told " I will be a good treat for both adults and kids".
    Bottled juices were so proud to be a part of this journey as they know kids love them very much.
    I was looking at the face of vegetable oil. Like other food items, he was also feeling proud to help the hungry people. He told me in a very loud voice that " Without me , those vegetables, fish and meat cannot be delicious". All other food items were so surprised to hear the loud voice of this vegetable oil.

    Together we said our journey will go on for wiping the tears of hungry kids in different parts of the world.. Suddenly I heard a sound. Is the truck stopped? What happened? Everyone was eagerly waiting to know. Someone came and opened the door of the truck. I saw lots of kids waiting for their turns. A small kid was so happy to see us. He shouted loudly" Hurry up, box food items are here". This was a proud moment for me as I carried all the delicious food items to wipe the tears of Hungry kids. We all enjoyed our mission.

    This is an entry for creative story writing contest
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    What a nice thought emanated from the author mind. No one could ever think on that lines. Kudos for choosing a wonderful heading which really created interesting reading. Surely award winning entry.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    An excellent story on a box containing food-items which serves the purpose of the needy children suffering from the after-effects of a natural disaster. The author writes very less in Forum section, but her contents are of very high quality.

    As Mr. Mohan has already said, a strong contender for the award.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    A good story. Helping a person is really a good practice. If we are able supply food to needy children the joy will be on top. Very nicely written and I wish Ms. Asha all the best in the competition.
    always confident

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    Interesting story with a message for feeding the children who are hungry. Nicely written . Wishing you the best for the competition.

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