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    Gale and thunderstorm makes the Electricity supplies disable for hours together.

    Though our country is progressing technology wise and we are even considered the best in space technology, still we are unable to tackle small problems which were pending to be changed for years together. For example even before rain starts there would be some strong wind and gale storms. The electric wires that were dangling may either snap or the trees may cause havoc by falling on them. Thus the supply of electricity is cut for the whole stretch for hours together and this normally happens in night and the sleep gets disturbed. Why Electricity department failed to modernize on this direction ?
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    Mr.Mohan, this is common in all places and areas of the country. Electricity Department itself will off the power supply as soon as they observe clouds. The reason may be to avoid some mishaps like transformer getting burnt or wires cutting off etc. I don't know how for it is true.

    When everything is normal, if there is no power, everybody will start phoning up and asking them about restoring of power. But in bad weather no body will do that. This is good for Electricity department.

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    Dr Rao we know that every year gale storms are natural and happening then why the department is not bruising up to counter it ?
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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