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    An empty box of chocolate candies and old memory

    Saturday: May, 2017: In the tired afternoon on last Saturday my better-half ordered me to clean the store and help her. I grimaced but ultimately had to follow the order-after all online friends can't save me from her wrath!

    Rummaging through the store and trying to clean it, I suddenly found an empty plastic box. It was a very ordinary box of chocolate candies. I took it out and immediately my mind travelled backwards-back to 2004.


    That was also another summer. The merciless Sun was raining fire from the sky. In the newly-built housing society, very few people were outside. Very few people were there on the wide roads of the new satellite city. Only thousands and thousands of empty residential flats on high-rises were waiting like zombies.

    A tired Partha Kansabanik was returning. On those days, he was in a severe financial crunch. He purchased the flat and had to meet some other major family obligations from his meagre salary of a junior-level Government Officer. Although his wife was working, but even then it was difficult to manage the hefty EMI and other associated costs. So, he was forced to shake off his legendary laziness and started to give tuitions to marginally augment the income. On that day, he was returning after the tuition class with the tuition fees paid to him by the students.

    His daughter had been asking him to purchase a box of chocolate candies from the society grocery shop for some days. On that day, as he had some money, he purchased a box of candies for his daughter. But when he was purchasing the box, a little girl, most probably the daughter of any construction worker working in the housing society, came there and eagerly looked towards the box.

    He felt very uneasy seeing the little girl, but was not in a position to purchase another box. Nor was he ready to break open the seal of the brand new box and give some candies to the small girl.

    He left the shop hastily, didn't look at the girl and went to his residence as quickly as possible. His daughter was very happy when she saw the box filled with her favourite chocolate candies. She kissed him to express her gratitude. But while she was eagerly breaking open the seal of the box, her father told her about the small girl near the grocery shop.

    What she did was astonishing! She opened the box, brought all the cookies out, divided it in two parts, put one half in her small plastic bag and told her father to accompany her. Her father went with her to the grocery shop. In that hot summer she stood near the shop and asked her father to find that girl. The little girl could be located quickly. Partha's daughter handed her the small bag containing half of the candies and returned to their residence. Her father could not utter even a single word. His eyes were full of tears but he felt very proud of her daughter on that day. He only preserved the box of the chocolate candies as a precious memory.


    More than twelve years have since passed. We shifted to the Government accommodation renting out our residential flat. The empty box of chocolate cookies somehow managed to survive all these years, perhaps to remind me how precious my little daughter, now a student of XIIth standard, is.

    (This is not a competition entry for Me, a box - creative writing story contest)
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    A very well narrated incident of his life by Mr. Partha. He is lucky to have such a daughter who wanted to share her favorite chocolates with an unknown girl. I feel definitely the girl might have passed on all her blessing and prayers to his daughter. She will have a bright future. A good gesture and thanks for sharing.
    always confident

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    For every child and even elder the candies and chocolates bring old memory to the fore. The author has penned down this great write up with very good heading which was very impressive.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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