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    Meaning of Happiness is different for different people

    The meaning of Happiness is different for different people.A beggar becomes happy getting a bread.A student becomes happy getting good marks .Parents become happy seeing the achievements of their sons and daughters.A teacher becomes happy seeing the achievements of their students.I also become happy doing social works.What make you happy?
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    Completing tasks of every day successfully itself, brings happiness. Managing the time to complete the things, not postponing and completing it without leaving any pending portions is an achievement and brings happiness. I am happy when I see my plants growing and blooming. When any work that has to be completed in time bound limit, in-spite of many shortages is done, to the perfection brings in happiness. The achievements of dear and near ones also brings in happiness. I don't feel happy when I waste my time. I would like to utilize the time usefully and this brings in a sense of satisfaction and when the things turn out to be good it's happiness.

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    Happiness is same to everybody but how they get the happiness is the question. A politicians feels happy at the downfall of his enemy. A businessman feels happy if he is making more money than the competitor. A corporate Institute founder feels happy at the downfall of the competitor. This is the world now.

    I feel happy when I see a beautiful flower on a plant. I feel happy when I see the idol of God with beautiful flower garland. I feel happy when I had a cup of strong filter coffee with moderate sugar.

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    The feeling is same but the achievements differ. What makes me happy - Playing cricket, reading good books, thinking of new ideas etc are the things that give me a good feeling of delightment . I really love doing these.

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    Not only does happiness mean different things to different people, it is also of different levels. The level of happiness is never the same - different episodes give us different levels of happiness. Some events leave us overjoyed, we become ecstatic with joy and become all teary-eyed. Some events make us smile and want to share the news with our loved ones. Sometimes our happiness gives us inner peace and satisfaction.

    The smallest things can make me happy. I do not go looking for happiness, but find it in small things.

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    Surely the yard stick of happiness is different for every one. For a new born mother, she wants her infant to be cheerful, playful and doing all the nuances which she will cherish and enjoy. For a student getting nice exam paper and easy to answer would have been his target. For parents children scoring good mark , more than other students studying in the same colony or society. Like wise every one has their own happiness based on their small expectations. But what I feel that we should not aim big happiness and get worried over non happenings. Instead hope for small happiness and be cheerful for ever.
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    Happiness is a state of mind and when we are satisfied with our work we are mentally relaxed and this relaxation leads to happiness. Work done by each individual is different so the source of happiness differs but the feeling, the experience is same. A housewife is happy when she performs her household jobs properly and is appreciated by her family members. A teacher is happy when students do well .
    To understand happiness clearly let us take a look at things which make us unhappy. We are not happy when we are late. A student is not happy if he fails. If we are on time we would be happy and if a student passes he would be happy.
    So happiness actually means completion of work properly and on time. It is the only way to be happy.

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