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    I am the Box, I gained my lost value again after losing my fake ego

    I am a little box used for placing gold coins. I am not made of gold but my colour is golden and a beautiful symbol called swastika is made above my head (I heard name of this symbol when it was being tattooed on my body but I really don't know what it means). These gold coins placed inside me usually have images formed above them and they are tattooed just the way I was but images are quite different.
    I was once placed in the shop of jeweller but later he gifted me to his friend and placed a gold coin inside and told him to use me when their will be any problem but his friend placed me inside temple made inside his house and never took me out.
    Everybody whenever looked at me bowed before me by folding his/her hands. But all this glory I had is just past now the time when I was precious, my place was most valuable among any of these objects placed here and there in this house is gone.
    Look at me nobody cares that I am here, it seems like everyone has forgotten me but I have no problem with anyone else living in this house except the owner of this house Mr. Raibahadur, Richest man of this city. Once there was a time when I was his only companion in this unknown city He cared for me more than his life I was the only valuable thing he had but it took some time for me to understand that It was not me who was worthy for him but the gold coin placed inside me.
    The time when He was leaving his home in search of employment his father took me and handover to him telling him to use me when their will be urgency and no other choices will be left and if such time ever comes than again try to earn amount to make me valuable and useful once again by filling me. And also told him to respect the goddess placed inside me.
    When I reached in city Raibahadur cared very much for me he used to pray daily in front of me which made me egoist, I begin to make fun of every other object in the room. But one day one of his friend suggested him to start a business with some investment and Raibahadur took the coin inside me used it and threw me away inside an old wooden box and never even looked for me once. This made me realise all the value was of the coin placed inside me not mine I now understood the meaning of Raibadhurs's father words which he told him when he was leaving "it is our work which gives us an identification in the society which build our reputation and when we don't have any quality or work to do we become worthless" my ego is all gone now.
    Today Raibahadur's granddaughter found me and she liked me and carrying me in her hand she showed me to her mother telling her that she have found something to put her gold earrings. But seeing swastika sign above me her mother took me to show to Raibahadur and asked him if I have some religious value. After seeing me He began to cry and remember all his days he spent during his struggle and his father's teachings, and called his jeweller to bring a coin of Goddess Laxmi to be placed inside me and then handed me over to his son with same teachings his father once given to him. I realised that day that everyone bowed before goddess not me and my work is to just keep things inside me and this work is what gives me value.
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    At many homes the jewel box containing goddess Lakshmi coin remains in tact at Pooja room and when ever new jewels are purchased it is kept inside that box for a while for prosperity and growth. The same is told here.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A nice story for the value of money and other materials which people often give rather than God or even human.

    A recent example worth while mentioning is demonetization and though it has many ups and downs of implementation but that certainly gave a lesson to all.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    A very good way of telling the story. The value comes with the money the box is holding. It is true. In every house jewellery kept very carefully under lock and key. This is because of the value of the material. Similarly, one should know that people will be around you when you are in power. Once you are out of power, nobody cares for you. We should not become proud and we should know who is your friend and who is pretending to be your friend.

    A good story and I wish Ms.Neelam, all the best for the competition.

    always confident

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