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    Can money buy happiness

    Before I begin I would like to narrate a story. Recently I met a relative of mine who earns in dollars. He has all the comforts one can imagine but he was sad. He shared his problems with me. His problem was all about lack of adjustment in personal life. None of the members of the family did their job properly and so everyone was unhappy inspite of huge money. After listening to him I thought that everybody runs after money for happinesses. A layman thinks that if he has money he can be happy. To a certain extent I agree because it is better to cry in a BMW rather than on a bicycle. So money can buy luxury not happiness because happiness is not sold. Money can buy things that are sold and it is a feeling which is within an individual.
    So according to me money is very important but not everything. There are things that are equally important and happiness is one of them.
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    Just one-word answer - NO.
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    First good health is very important for a person to be happy. Any sickness or illness brings in unhappiness in the family and for the person. Money is also important to lead a comfortable life with basic amenities such as food, clothing, home etc. Money is important to enjoys small things of desires, or for fulfillment of wishes such as going out for a movie once in a while, eating with friends, travelling, educating children , for marriages etc. A pleasant atmosphere is necessary for all the members of the family to be happy. Cultivating hobbies such as gardening, reading, playing music, listening to music, painting, playing all these activities brings in a sense of satisfaction and happiness. Richness alone doesn't bring happiness. As more and more money accumulates the worries scales up to safeguard the money, leading to unhappiness. Money cannot buy peace, joy, contentment etc. Opinion differs from person to person and how they take matters, to be happy. Being contented and living a full life is happiness.

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    Yes.Money can buy Happiness

    But lack of it makes life miserable.

    Need to seek balance.

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    For me money cannot bring happiness. But certainly earning money has become important for our life and living. What I feel that instead of we running after money, the money should be running after us. That means if we have the talent and skill, the jobs would be assigned to us and people would be virtually searching and give the task to complete and thus we earn money. Take for example of electrician. During summer the demand for electrician is more. Break down of fan, cooler and even for fixing new equipment his help is needed. So money cannot buy happiness but it can buy peace of mind for a while for having accomplished a task. One more thing what I observed that if God gives lots of money to a person, he deprives him from normal living and give such ailments and problems which goes on persists during his life time and thus happiness forgotten.
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    This topic has been discussed many a time in Forum posts. Money can't buy happiness. It can only buy commodities. The most precious things of the world, i.e., love, respect, sympathy, affection and nature's bounty can be reeived without any money.
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    "Time is money but life is precious."_ I saw it some where written on the road. Which was written for whom, who lives in hurry while he drives any medium of transport. So the sentence is clearly giving knowledge or I would say clarifying about the heading which is - "Can money buy happiness".
    Now let me explain, Quote is accepting that time is money, means "every second of time' you can make in Lakhs or Carores but If by any chance you will not be in the world then what will be. So the happiness can be bought by money for some extent but Life can't. And if you are not able to buy your life then what will with happiness 'or' who will get happiness ? If your life is, then you can enjoy happiness.
    Thus, money can't buy happiness for any extent of time.
    Thank you.

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    Yes, to a great extent, the importance of the money cannot be denied because the food necessary for survival and the the clothes we put on would not have been possible without this. Our way of thinking rationally depends upon our proper utilisation of different items and these items can be purchased with money only. However, abundance of the same would lead to a change in our mental frame.
    To enjoy the life, we must have a balanced out look and should take interest in the surroundings and should offer something to mankind to make them happy. Such gesture would go a long way in making our surroundings happy and of course, money cannot buy such happiness essential for strengthening relationship.

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    Contentment is the key to happiness. A person who is traveling by AC car may think of high-end car. He will never feel happy with whatever he had. There starts the grief. Money is required to some extent.but worrying for earning more is not required.

    Once you are able to earn for running your family, you should learn to feel happy. Earning more and more money and struggling for further more comforts many not bring happiness. In addition it will start bothering you more. Happiness is a feeling which has to feel.

    always confident

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