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    It feels good to snatch seat from others.

    I came back to bus-station after giving my exam to get back to home and I got to see a long linr awaiting to have tickets. Initially I was reluctant to get into the line and thought of waiting for another bus as we have bus available every now and then in a span of around half an hour. But to prevent delay I hopped in the line and waited for around half an hour to get the tickets. Eventually the bus got loaded and many people ahead of me couldn't get the tickets. However to my fascination a nonstop(straight to destination without mid-breaks) new bus got ready. So everyone wanted to have the tickets of the bus and I was no exception. I was on the fifth number maybe and was among the last candidates to get the tickets. Now out of nowhere a person camr and handed some rupees to the first man in the queue to have some tickets for him and his daughter and wifr without getting into the line and perhaps the first man in the queue knew him so he was not reluctant to get him the tickets. But the others members protested including me with some withered voice as somewhere I thought maybe the out of the line guy could habe soem problem. The people protested , the out of the line guy without a tinge of embarrassment standing stubbornly aside the queue to the first man who anyhow got him the tickets. I got the ticket and I was on the last bench of the bus and somewhere ahead was sitting the out of line man. He was relaxed as he got his family the tickets and he was not bothered with those who were following the rules and were standing in the queue. Instead he was twisting himself on the seat as a person who has done some achievement and was trying his oratory skills with other passengers. His interference made three people lost their seats and he was more than okay with that. Moreover his family couldn't be in any problem if they missed the bus by being in line, as I could perceive apparently.
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    Normally this happens at every place. Every one wants to have quick access and does not want to follow the rules. I am totally against those persons seeking favor from those who are standing in the queue and asking them to take tickets for them too. Only yesterday at ESI there was heavy rush and as every one wants to go to the office as they came for taking treatment and medicines and thus they are in a hurry. Though queue system is in force at the registration counter, at the doctor room and at the chemist room, the over smart people try to violate and thus there was loud shout and even fist cuff among the patients. I had to intervene and set the things right. What I mean to say that people have time to stand at queue at the theater, but they loose patience for standing in the queue at bus stand or other places.
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    In India, not following the rules, jumping the queues and other forms of indiscipline have some short-term advantages, but in the long run, it causes harm to the system. Collapse of a system can't be advantageous to anybody, including such person who breaks the rule. Every person must remember this basic truth before indulging in breaking the rule or jumping the queue.
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    It is a fashion in our country to jump over queues. While getting into buses , everybody will be in a hurry and try to push others. Even when you are in a temple, where we will go for peace of mind this sort of acts are seen. Breaking rule is heroism in our country. A person sincerely trying to follow the rules will always be behind. The system has to change and I don't know whether a day will come . But now a days at least for cinema tickets we won't feel this, as the on line booking has come. As long as tickets are there we can purchase them. Otherwise really people used to walk on the heads of people to have a ticket on first day first show.
    We should not encourage the persons standing before us purchasing tickets for other persons. Otherwise he should be sent out of queue. This sort of acts are seen every where and anywhere.

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    We may wonder why corruption is eating India like a termite when everyone shouts against corruption. The hard truth is that the corruption is living in this society at the grass-root level. This incident is a perfect example of my statement. Though it may not affect a large number of people, this is a simplified model of corruption. The person who immorally bought the tickets feels no clash in his conscience. He is not ashamed of his mistake. He is ready to do corruption. His family nods for his immoral action. If his family has a child or a teen, he/she will think it is not unethical to snatch others opportunities and belongings. The child/teen will continue to do the same in the future. The persons who bought ticket before this incident didn't care about this as they have got their tickets. What is the need for them to worry? The same thing happens at the topmost level of this country. That's why we are still a developing country.

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