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    Me a box enjoyed the father-daughter touch and a rare combination of senses.

    Before going into the flash back of my story,let me say, I am enjoying the sense of various flavour of basic five tastes, sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami daily. How? the lady in the room, I used to hear that is kitchen from her murmur saying she has no other person to help her in kitchen, cooking, washing of utensils etc, One day she kept all ingredients in small jars in me and using me as a shelf of ingredients. I am happy that I am helpful to living things in this house.

    You may be surprised, how I came to kitchen from the sitting room

    About 40 years back, a man after constructing his own house wanted to keep his clothes in the sitting room, purchased me from the store and I am weigh very much as that was a trend in those days to buy anything and everything as long lasting unlike nowadays everything is outdated very quickly. He used to keep his clothes neatly washed and ironed in me. After he retired and passed away very quickly, the whole house has been shuffled and I have been used by one of his daughter as a shelf of books when she had gone out for work and her work needed many books of reference and accompanied me to her accommodation in the educational premises itself.

    After few years, she came back to house and kept me in the back yard with some unwanted / unused books. I felt uneasy and breathless as no one had opened me and thought I have become old and hence not useful to many and felt like one stays in old age home.

    Suddenly one day, after many years, I felt the breathe of outside as I was moving in a lorry and again felt a different backyard. One day I could feel the breathe of the daughter who had cleared all the things and cleaned and taken me to the room which is very new to me as I have not seen such room so far and that is kitchen, I have explained in the beginning. She started arranging all the ingredients of all tastes in small, small jars and kept in me and kept me on the corner of the worktop.

    Of late, I am talk of the house, whenever a closed relative visited and a casual talk in kitchen surely enquire about me and only then I came to know why I have kept in kitchen. And this is it; as she moved to a newer house which is in village and all the surroundings are farm land and the rats are visiting inside and she found all the ways to stop visiting and for the safe custody of the ingredients, put it in small jars and kept them inside me on a temporary basis as I can be closed after use. But later she felt, that was easy way to handle nearer to gas stove with small quantities and hence kept it permanently.

    Once I heard saying from a old lady to her, 'so oldies are useful and should be kept nearer to us rather than in old age home'. After hearing this, I really thought I am very lucky.

    And last week, she made me cry because she said; today is my father's 80th Birth Anniversary. They searched about its usage, told that they got two interesting answers; '1. Today is the 80th anniversary of my father's birth'; 2.usage sounds very nice when person was very important and very respectful way of saying it.

    I have recalled the earlier days of aroma of clothes and compared all the senses of textiles, books and ingredients. Also felt glad that daughter is still keeping me as memory of her father.

    This is entry for 'Me, a box' creative writing contest.
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    A daughter is always dear to father and this has been well portrayed through this story on Tow topic. One thing is sure old memories wont fade away when keep those things which brings us the good old moments.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Even though roles changed, the box is quite useful. Initially for keeping clothes, later on books and finally with small quantities of all flavours. Thus the box has tasted all flavours in its lifetime.

    Nowadays many children are not taking care of their parents in old age. They are putting them in old age homes by spending some money. But parents want affection. Please keep them with you. Try to hold their hands as they have done during your childhood. Good presentation.
    I wish Ms.Saroja, all the best in the competition.

    always confident

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