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    Do some people ignore their families for social service?

    There are some people who are always busy in helping others in the society and in this noble cause totally ignore their families.

    This creates a bad situation for their families and family members feel dejected. There are cases when financial condition of such family is also dwindled.

    These people who are keen to do social service pass their most of the time outside their home and do not bother what is happening in the family.

    What do you think about such people?
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    Yes one of the relative is very well known in the social circle and he can be seen in emergencies, functions, family disputes, death, death ceremonies and other occasions. For that he has been constantly called and disturbed by the society unmindful of the fact that he is also having a family and his children also have the rights over him. I have seen him leaving the house at 5 am and attending all the functions and ceremonies he returns back late in the evening. In this hours he wont attend the calls from the house and thus the house members also wont bother about him or his advise.
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    Helping society is good. But don't forget your basic responsibility, your dependents. Always people say, first set your house right, then talk about society.

    So one should understand the importance of family and give sufficient time to them. Many people, more than social service, struggle to earn money and don't care for family.

    As a human being we have to help the people in the society who requires some help. But not devoting time to family in that pursuit is not acceptable. Everyone should balance their time and see that they take care of all their responsibilities.

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    Yes. I do think some people ignore their families for social service. Our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the finest examples of such kind. We came across items of news citing that his old aged mother came to the bank for exchanging the old currency notes during demonetisation, he missed his niece's funeral as he was in China for the G-20 Summit etc. So, I could firmly say Narendra Modi is a kind of person who ignores his family for the sake of social service. Some people enjoy helping others. They are gifts to this society. At the same time, if they have a family, they should consider fulfilling the basic needs of their family first. Unless they are ready to serve their family first, they should reconsider their thought of making or running a family. It is not fair to push one's family into trouble in the name of helping the society. Social service is not always giving everything you have earned to this society. Everyone should do social service but not by exploiting others or depleting one's own family.

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