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    Incredible India: 5 Judges from 5 religions are hearing triple talaq issue

    From today onwards, a 5 member Constitution Bench is going to hear the triple talaq issue. In this thread, I am not going to discuss the merits or demerits of the issue. But right now, I have noticed that the 5 Judges who are going to hear the case (in fact, right now the case is being heard) belong to 5 different religions. These Judges are: Chief Justice J.S. Khehar (Sikhism), Justice Kurian Joseph (Christianity), Justice R.F. Nariman (Zorastrianism), Justice U.U. Lalit (Hinduism) and Justice Abdul Nazeer (Islam). However, it must be remembered that all Judges of India decide cases on the basis of merit and evidences presented before them. The oath taken by the Judges mentions this clearly.

    I am astonished by the astonishing fact. This is possible only in this great country.

    Incredible India!
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    Partha just understand the importance of the case. Right from the beginning there has been systematic complaint against BJP for undermining the rights of minorities and Muslim Personal Law board is also against the issue. But the government is more sympathetic to those who have been immensely affected by triple word talaq and thus wanted a amiable solution through the courts. Good that five judges from five religion are discussing the issue thread bare and thus the out come wont be blamed after BJP or involvement of any other Hindu organization over the rights of Minorities. In fact Partha we should appreciate the idea of having fives judges from different religion so that no bias can be expected and more over Muslims are themselves supporting the issue from out side.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes, Mr. Mohan: I do appreciate the fact that there is so much diversity in India. There is absoluteely no doubt about it.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    It is quite logical to have 5 members in the board from different religions. The outcome can't be criticized telling that the board is biased. The judgement in this case will have a very high effect on one religion. So putting one member from that religion is good.
    BJP or any other Hindu Organisation can't influence the outcome as the representation from this religion is also one. If this move is supported by muslims, it will be a very good move on their part. Their rights will be protected.

    always confident

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    Unity in diversity is the special feature of this nation. Triple Talaq is going to be a constitutional landmark in the political as well as judicial history of India. As it is going to be decided by a 5 judge bench, we could get a judgement without any deadlock. The decision of Supreme Court on Triple Talaq will be a forerunner in devising a Uniform Civil Code (UCC) for this country. As the above responses have stated, it would be difficult to call the judgement of this bench a biased one as the judges are from different religions. The bench should make sure that its judgement should be approached in the scope of rights of Muslim women rather than reforming the religion. Moreover, India is a secular country and I agree with the author that such incidents would be possible only in very few countries of this world. It is glad to feel that India is one of such countries.

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    Yes this is awesome decision to have 5 different religion judges for Triple Talaq cases. There might be differences as individual but for betterment of country they have to unite. This way at least people of India can not blame on any religion for verdict. Most or all developed countries have banned this practice . And most cases related to this kind of humiliation is filed by minority / Muslim women only who suffered. So it is something has to get settled so we will march to have Uniform Civil Code.
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    I wanted to mean that it is possible only in this great country to find five Apex Court Judges from five different religions. I am sure that in no other country it would be possible. That's the greatness of Incredible India.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    There are many confusion between people on this topic. Many even unaware the full context so they just blindly either blame the religion or followers or political system or confused on the topic that was manipulated once by a different group and its followers just than a larger group.

    Kindly refer this link ( and read them all carefully, specially the fourth paragraph and all comments (below from various readers) to know some more detail.

    One of the reason for real 'talaq' set by law/religion (not triple talaq [verbally which film shows] set by a set of people who manipulated it) is, any gender can violate the laws like extra marital or illegal way of running life and on which can harm dependent, family or overall society and others, so, Husband can give talaq to his wife or wife can give Khula (divorce) to her husband (equal rights) provided that valid violating reason and their witness which is not an easy as people thinks.

    So, the law can't be ignored, it is just to avoid getting even worse and solve it amicably within, in case if it happens which is rare or less percentage overall.

    I can understand, when one topic arises then another related or unrelated topic may come which can be diverted from the main topic, so, it can be avoided.

    Thanks to all for the concern on women regardless of any religion or its matter against them.

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    My God! What I wanted to discuss in this thread and what is being discussed! Respected Members, this thread is not to discuss 'triple talaq' issue.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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