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    Your Inbox folder is empty - what is the significance?

    The five words in this title is good to see if you are the type who has hundreds of emails in the Inbox. For some reason, you don't delete them after reading and don't really bother to shift important ones to a folder for later perusal. So the day you get down to spring cleaning, you will feel vastly relieved to see those five beautiful words.

    There is the other side of the coin though, when these very words don't spark off any cheer, such as when you are expecting an important communication with regard to a job application. You wait and wait for those magic words "You've got mail"!

    Are there moments of anxiety, then, when you just hate those five words mentioned in the title of this thread?
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    I would be very happy if the inbox of my official e-mail id remains empty. So far as my personal ids are conerned, I would feel very odd if the inbox becomes empty. I am now habiutated to hundreds of junk mails along with 1-2 importnat e-mails.
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    For that matter my inbox is filled with information from ISC and other social media and regularly I keep on deleting the entries and still it goes on filling and that is no significance for me.
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    I like to see the alerts from ISC too in my inbox, especially informing me that an article has been approved. Of course, the words 'You've got mail' I think does not really make an appearance. One usually sees a number and the words 'unread' to indicate there are mails in your inbox.

    Partha - how do you get junk mails in your inbox? Those should surely be going to the spam box only. I never bother to check those. I take great delight in using the 'Select all' feature and deleting the whole lot at one go!

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    Really I have times when I felt happy to see the mail alerts. I have send a paper for presentation in a conference at USA. I wanted to personally go and present that paper if it approved. So regularly I started seeing my mail alerts. I am very anxious to know about the acceptance. Finally I got a mail from the organisers saying that my paper is accepted. I am very happy to see that mail alert and mail.

    Junk mail will automatically get deleted after 30 days. But inbox will be always there. My practice is to keep important mails and delete other mails on which actions are taken. Even the mails I received in 2000 year, important mails are there in my inbox.

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    I have subscribed to the newsletters of many sites. So, most of the times my inbox will be full of emails. I receive about 20-25 emails a day. I usually won't delete a mail after reading it. I spend about 5-10 minutes a week to clean my inbox. In that time, I would transfer important emails to the respective folders and also will delete the unwanted emails. I feel annoyed when I receive advertising emails in my inbox and any emails in the spam folder. Most of the sites we visit track our data and sell it to third party advertising companies on the internet which in turn send advertising emails to our inbox claiming 50% off blah, blah, blah. Everyone should consider the option buying any internet security software as they give a secure and private environment for surfing the internet.

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