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    Much-hyped Justin Bieber concert: What happened at DY Patil Stadium

    The much-hyped, much-awaited Justin Bieber (Canadian pop-star) concert was held day before yesterday at DY Patil Stadium of Navi Mumbai. He was astonished to see the crowd. But we, the experienced Indians, do know that not all present there were his fans. In the concert, a 500 ml water bottle was sold at the rate of Rs. 100/- only. Vada pav, which normally cost Rs. 10/-, was sold at the same rate (i.e., Rs. 100/-). Never mind! But the Bieber fans were totally disappointed because the singing was average and he was lip syncing throughout the night. The management of the event was really bad and the area was completely littered after the event.

    By the way, the ticket for the conert was sold between Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 70000/- only.
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    Normally rock concerts would be over crowded and Justin Bieber has been tasting sucess in recent times and hence his fans in India wont mind paying few rupees more to have the live concert enjoy. But from the author version it is clear that instead of live performance, the pop star seems to have lip singing for all the scores and thus upset the fans. And regarding selling of water bottle and Vada pav at high rates are natural. Even during Baahubali Cinema shows, the pop corns were costly than expected and this is the time for the organizers to have organized loot. Nevertheless the fans would have learned lessons through this so called concert.
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    Indians are rich. They can afford thousands of rupees for hearing a music concert. Really great.
    Rs.70,000/- per ticket is sounds very high. If one can spend Rs.70,000/- per ticket can spend Rs.100?- per vada pav and Rs.100/- for water bottle. This is the madness of people or their high capability of spending.
    Justin Bieber has been very popular now and to have a view of him and to hear him many people might have gathered. It is like encashing the situation. Make hay while the sun shines. Everybody utilised the chance. Let us be happy at least some poor people might have got benefitted with high rate sale of vada pav and water bottles.

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    This is what I call "go with the tide". People will do anything, to get accepted. I only like two of Justin's songs. But the fact that he didn't really sing, makes me really angry. I also learnt that half of the Bollywood was present there.
    But many musicians and singers aspire to visit India. You know, Coldplay just visited us. We are energetic and a terrific audience. I just hope when musicians from foreign come here in future, they will actually sing a good piece for us.

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    Who is this Justin Bieber? Why should we Indians become mad to watch his concert and return home with sad face. Are we Indians running shortage of good musicians in our country. It is the mad people who pay from 5000 to 70000 to sit, eat vada pav for Rs. 100 and watch the unworthy show. We are very bad mad Indians, I must say, and you would agree.
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    Yes Mr. Sun: I definitely agree. The sons and daughters of some filthy rich people went to enjoy the lip-singing of an average Canadian pop-singer purchasing tickets @ Rs. 70,000/-. These indisciplined young men and women created such a mess around DY Patil Stadium that next day the 'safai karamcharis' of the Municipal Corporation had to work extra hours to clear the mess.
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