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    Box it up or maybe not

    "Here comes Mr. Sad", said the others.
    "Why are you here?"
    "Well, Ishita was feeling sad that her friends made fun of her fashion sense again. Do you know what she was thinking? She was crying from inside. I could feel her heartbeat pound slowly and heavily. Only one thought was lingering with her. Why can't they have a life? Why are they so interested in what I do or what I wear? I never bother them for who they are."
    "Imagine what would have happened, if she would have said this out loud?", said the others.
    "She could have cleared her thoughts to her friends. Who knows, maybe after that they would have stopped bothering her so much. But she never discloses her feelings to anyone, right Mr. Fear."
    "Absolutely true. Remember the time when she went a ride on the Ferris wheel with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend literally dragged her into it. But did she have the courage to speak up that she was too frightened of that ride? No, she sat all the while and her heart thumped loud and clear in fear. I felt it. But she never said that she disliked the ride. When her boyfriend asked her, she smiled and replied that she loved it. Why? Just because she didn't want to appear as a coward to her boyfriend. When will she learn to not box up her feelings, right Mr. Happy?"
    "It is absolutely true. I remember she was so happy that she will be going to Hrishikesh and Haridwar with her parents. She was expecting that , her parents will not obviously leave her behind. How upset she was, when her parents told her that she couldn't go as she has her examinations in the next month. So she has to stay with her grandparents. She never pointed her heartbreak to her parents. On the contrary, she boxed up her feelings, took a deep breath and told them that she was not willing to go anyways. How hypocritical.
    "Maybe not.", said Miss Distress. "Do you remember the time, her bachelor uncle was suffering from cancer. She and her parents were the only ones taking care of him at that time. Did she disclose the disease to him? No, she suffered the distress of losing him in her heart, but didn't utter a word to him. I think kudos to her. Miss Joy can vouch for it."
    "What I remember is that she and her cousin sister had participated in a dance competition. She won, defeating her sister and others. She could merely express her joy as her sister was crying all the way till home. She boxed up her happiness and consoled her sister. She could merely enjoy her success, thanks to her nagging cousin. But she was so patient with her. I don't know how she keeps her feelings to herself and shares the sorrow of others. Maybe she is not always wrong, right Mr. Box?"
    The box of these undisclosed feelings now shook a little bit. He spoke after listening to all his inmate feelings. "Yeah! It is not that Ishita is always wrong in boxing up her feelings in me. But she must know that it is not right to do so always. Otherwise her heart will be under constant pressure. It is not good for her heart and brain either. In fact, I don't have room for so many unacknowledged feelings. If she keeps saving all her feelings from the outside world, she will be soon be under constant depression and anxiety, two feelings which are not yet my guest. So Ishita it is good to un-box your feelings and express yourself sometimes, no matter what the world thinks of you.
    So, Ishita are you listening?
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    The story is all about un-box the feeling , so that we get a sigh of relief. Many of us have wants and desire inside the heart and wont reveal. This thread deals about those persons who never open up.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very significant thread. I have read and re-read it. The author has beautifully explained her point, i.e., the real cause of depression is constant suppression of feelings, through this well-written story. The thread gives the message that it is necessary to vent out pent-up emotions.

    Beautifully written. I am impressed!

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Thank you Mr. Mohan and Mr. Partha for reading my effort and sharing your views. I truly believe that there should be some balance where we vent out pent up emotions and keep some to ourselves. If we store each and every emotion of ours then our mind will be crushed under all these pent up emotions and not function properly for other valid issues.
    Live life Kingsize!

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    Very well written. Thoughts and feelings are to be vent out at some point of time. Otherwise it will tell upon our health. But we should express in such a way that others will not get hurt. Even a pressure cooker also vent out steam once it reaches maximum pressure.

    I wish Ms.Joyshree all the best for the competition

    always confident

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