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    Three spoons of rice every day to keep slim and healthy

    Many people become slim and look beautiful for many reasons. Some are having good exercise , some are having good food habit, some are having only fruits as in take and one of the Korean actress revealed that she takes only three spoons of rice every day. That is baffling because in the guise of having made good food our house holds tastes at least three times before serving the family and children. Do you really feel that by avoiding quantity food one can keep slim and beautiful for ever without ailments ?
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    No. That is not correct. Our body requires some energy to perform our day to day activities and to have a healthy life. For this we require to take healthy food. No food or very less food will create sickness to the body. We have to eat healthy and nutritious food. Do exercise. Follow good habits. Today we may be alright because we are young, but it will tell upon our health in long run.
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    She might have been eating three spoons of rice but lots of fruit juices and water to balance the hungry.
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