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    IT companies are distilling the staff and many companies may downsize staff.

    Ever after US President Donald Trump taken over the charge, the first target was the outsourcing of IT companies and strong actions followed. Many IT companies in India are reducing their staff and soon others are going to follow. Here I am not going to name the company but the fact is that they are removing Indian staff and paving way of Americans to enter the job opportunities on the thinking line of US President. In that case Companies enjoying Indian government benefits must surrender and no more tax holidays for them.
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    We are hearing this news and also downsizing of employees in teleservices . The IT is preferring mechanisation at the lower level to downsize the staff. The effect of Trump is already there. So we may see a sink in employment chances for IT professionals.Indian government should insist the companies to employ as many Indians as possible. They should encourage all Indian companies to start their own in this country.

    Because of high competition among service providers lot of down sizing in teleservices business.

    Is it going affect our employment capacities? wait and see

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    It is disturbing news but is on expected lines. Such actions were indicated by Trump earlier and Indians are likely to be impacted adversely the most. I think Government of India should take some remedial measures. The sooner they do the better it would be as it may take some time to put these measures in place. IT has seen ups and downs earlier also but on different grounds. We should expect such ups and downs in future as well.

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    I work in IT industry and haven't seen any such layoffs yet this year. However, such layoffs do happen every year. The bottom 5% performers of the IT sector workforce and people with 10 or more year of experience are always in constant danger of being let go. So just now blaming Trump for layoffs in Indian IT Outsourcing industry would be unfair. Media is just hyping this topic and for the sake of readership or TRP is not letting go.

    Maybe due to American hiring by these companies people would lose jobs in India but that is yet to happen. Let's not make a hype of something that has not happened yet.

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