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    Its My Story...A Briefcase!!! (Box)

    On an evening of the day while I am searching for a paper in my office brief case, my wife has brought a cup of tea. By keeping the brief case by my side I started sipping tea and gone into the memories. I have been using this brief case from almost last 25 years. I put my memories on the paper as a small story. It goes as:

    I am a briefcase born in VIP Company. I am very beautiful, tan colored, slim and good looking with standard sizes. From my place of birth I traveled to Trivandrum with my siblings. There I was gifted in a seminar to my new friend.

    From that day on wards I am with my friend only. Where ever he goes I accompany him like a hutch dog. He gives all his important items to me and I take care of them. Every day when he goes to office I go with him. The driver takes me to the car before my friend gets into the car. My friend is very good to me. He always gives his side seat to me. Even when his wife accompanies us, he keeps me in between both of them. After going to office, the driver takes me to my friend's chamber.

    Whenever he goes out of station, he takes me too. His wife accompanies us only for personal trips. But I always go with him. If he is travelling by bus, I am by his side. He never allows anybody except me in his seat. Whenever he travels by train, I share his berth. If he goes by flight I am with him in the cabin.

    I traveled all over India with him. I traveled to New Delhi, Calcutta,,Chennai,Mumbai. Bangalore and all other major cities. I was thrilled to see the Rose Gardens in Chandigarh and various temple in Chennai.

    I traveled to about 10 other countries with him. I liked Great Wall of China and Forbidden City.
    I liked smart girls of Bangkok and Buddha temple in Bangkok. I was thrilled to see Mc Donald's outlet in Bangkok.

    I traveled to Japan with him. My friend presented a paper in a seminar there and all the participants clapped for his presentation. I am very proud; for I carried that presentation from India to Japan. Later on after return my friend shown a copy of email sent by the organizers appreciating him, marking a copy to his boss. I was delighted to read that mail. It is a good testimonial to my friend.

    Of all airports I visited Amsterdam airport is very spacious. I visited USA, Korea, Dubai, Singapore, Czech Republic and Turkey with my friend. The airport of Istanbul is very nice. I am proud that it is built by an Indian company. I have forgotten to tell you one important point. Even though we have traveled so many places, we never tasted non vegetarian as my friend is a vegetarian.

    Recently my friend retired. So he is not going to office daily. But he has given me a good place in his house. He takes care of me, occasionally dusting or asking me for some old documents. I still go out with him whenever he does. Recently we visited Bhubaneswar. A nice place to see.

    I hope my journey with my friend will go long.

    This is my entry for the contest
    [This entry is invalid for the creative writing contest as a briefcase is not a box.]
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    The journey of Brief case nationally and Internationally was well narrated by the author. And for those executives keeping up the brief case is very important and that was also reveled by the author.
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    A very good autobiographical story of a brief-case who travelled many places of the world carrying research papers and essentials of his owner, no, friend! A fluent story. I liked it.
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    I read the entire autobiography and liked it a lot. It was like I could see how the briefcase took its journey from a seminar into Dr. Rao's house. Beautifully written. Here's also wishing Dr. Rao's briefcase a long journey at his home. I hope Dr. Rao participates in more seminars and takes his briefcase along with him to have more experience.
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    In simple words, I would say that a briefcase is like a spouse that cannot be parted in our life. It is a small suitable case (suit case) to carry along. Every briefcase case has its own story to tell. I have an Aristrocrate briefcase which is kept to keep my cash only. After many years of long use, it is now taking rest at home with the cash I possess. I call it "Cashcase"
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