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    A Rolling Stone gathers no mass.

    This a very well used English proverb.

    When a stone is in a particular place for long time, lot of mass will forme around the stone. A green mass will be visible on the stone. But if the same stone rolls from one place to other place or with in the same place around, no mass will be visible.

    Similarly a person changing his residence very frequently may not be well recognised in the society.

    Similarly a person changing his job very frequently may not be able to make any impression on the management. Similarly he may not be getting any promotions in the Organisation. If he is not staying in the Organisation for minimum 5 years, even he will not get Gratuity also.

    Another point of interest is salary hikes will be good if we make frequent changes .

    I want to know the opinion of others on this issue.
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    For that matter when we are not consistent and abiding with anything for long, we are not going to be benefited for the short stay. In a organization to understand it better, one has to serve long years. And in some cases one has to see different positions in the same organization and thus overall experience makes him perfect. But there are some sure boss who know that if a person becomes permanent in a seat, it is difficult to move him. And thus transfers are effected and that disturbs his authority or command. This is the natural process in any Industry or organization. And even in personal life.
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    Very well said. A wonderful proverb with a deep meaning. It is true and I had to agree with the proverb. If someone keeps on changing his job and not sticking to the one he got before he explores it fully will only lead to trouble. At one point he will start to quit in everything that he does and this will evolve into a habit. One should not give up easily.

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    The correct proverb is - A rolling stone gathers no moss.

    Moss is the green, carpet-like covering that grows on stationary objects in damp and dark places.

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    I think market conditions change from time to time and so does this issue of rolling or sticking in the job market. I remember over a decade back many engineers preferred quitting jobs after gaining a few years experience because they could get better offers, in terms of money, designation or both. But with the change in job scenario I have seen some who are preferring now to stick to their present positions, even at the cost of postponed incentives. I think it depends upon the nature of job. In Government jobs such rolling is not seen normally, though occasional change for a jump in career is preferred. But in private sector and in certain industries changing jobs may be more common and with better results. On the whole it is expected that serving the same organisation for a long period adds to your credibility and stability, but as explained by Mr. Mohan if there is stagnation, one has to avail other options.

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